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380,000 people die annually of infections in LTCFs. Yes CDC reports as many as 380,000 people die of the infections in LTCFs every year. Visit for more information. It is an astounding statistic that does not get enough attention. Yes changing hand hygiene behavior of all staff and better infection control of surfaces is critical to reducing this incredible statistic! Patient Safety Awareness Week is about ALL of our organizations collaborating to make healthcare safer for patients in ways we have NEVER done before. This requires a bit of Positive Deviance strategy: Act your way into a new way of thinking rather than thinking your way into a new way of acting! The "culture of safety" still does not trump "through put" in our healthcare system today. Let's be the change as we all will be patients some day! ------------------------------ Will Sawyer, MD Infection Prevention Expert Sharonville Family Medicine Henry the Hand Foundation Cincinnati, Ohio

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The National Patient Safety Foundation salutes Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for their generous support of this year's Patient Safety Awareness Week and their ongoing commitment to patient and workforce safety.