Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's 2017 "I Am Patient Safety" Contest

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority is proud to recognize the 14 winners of the 2017 "I Am Patient Safety" contest. These winners, all from Pennsylvania healthcare facilities, have demonstrated a personal and notable commitment to patient safety. In concurrence with Patient Safety Awareness Week 2017, March 12-18, these patient safety winners will be celebrated by the Authority and their professional peers for the progress they have made to improve patient safety in their respected healthcare facilities. The Authority received 184 nominations and selected winners according to the following criteria: •Discernible impact on patient safety to one or multiple patients •Evident commitment to patient safety •Indicative of strong patient safety culture in the facility •Demonstrable initiative taken by individual/group Each winner receives a personalized recognition poster to display at their facility for National Patient Safety Awareness Week, an individual certificate, a mention in the March 2017 Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, a published photo in the Authority’s 2016 Annual Report, a complimentary celebration at their facility, four weeks of promotion from the Authority, and an invitation to attend the March 2017 Authority board meeting and luncheon, where they will be recognized by Authority board members and staff. Read all 14 stories from this year’s I Am Patient Safety contest by visiting:

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The National Patient Safety Foundation salutes Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for their generous support of this year's Patient Safety Awareness Week and their ongoing commitment to patient and workforce safety.