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We invite healthcare professionals to announce and share how you or your organization are taking part in the United In Patient Safety campaign and Patient Safety Awareness Week. In the below box you can share your plans and even photos of how you and your team are taking part. Share a message of what you are doing with your peers and your patients. Just fill out a title to your post, identify your organization, location, and a brief a message or description. You will also see a photo image upload button that you can use. Please abide to all campaign website rules.

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Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is celebrating patient safety awareness week with a luncheon on March 17th. Even though it is St. Patty's day, we know it takes more than "luck" to keep our patient's safe. It takes the entire organization's efforts and dedication at all times. During our luncheon, we will have a sign up campaign to "take the pledge" for patient safety. Everyone who pledges for safety will be entered into a grand drawing. The main event of our luncheon will be an amazing game of patient safety jeopardy. All week long we are sending out daily safety tip emails that will assist them to play the jeopardy game on that Friday. We will have prizes and great food for everyone who participates and will definitely post some pictures to social media for you to see

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HCA Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center in Panama City, Florida

GCRMC plans to have several activities and projects during National Patient Safety Week 2017, in order to highlight the great strides we make in keeping patient safety at the forefront of every thing we do. Our plans will no doubt grow as the ideas continue to pour in, but currently we plan a "commitment to patient safety wall" where staff and providers sign a commitment to focus every patient encounter as an opportunity to promote, assess, advocate for and elicit safety in our organization. Additionally, we will be launching a patient safety video, narrated by our CNO. The intent of the video is to welcome our patients and their families to GCRMC and to highlight some key safety needs they may have during their stay with us and after discharge. We'll address such things as falls, hand washing, etc., and will explain how we as their hospital provider of choice in the community are working to keep them safe during their stay. We are fortunate to have CNS/CNL staff who are facilitating patient safety learning labs throughout the week to promote staff learning of safety considerations with acute illness (physiological considerations during hospitalization). We'll also have the usual "lunch and learns", table tents.

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We Are All Patients: Join Us on Social Media

This year NPSF is again encouraging everyone to recognize the fact that we all are, or someday will be, patients. Don a patient gown, snap a pic, and post with the hashtags #Weareallpatients #PSAW2017 #UnitedforPatientSafety. Check out this group from 2016.

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Patient Safety “Lightning Rounds” at Memorial Sloan Kettering

In recognition of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, MSKCC’s Division of Quality & Safety sponsored the 2nd Annual Patient Safety Lightning Rounds. All staff was invited to share in this great event. Four institutional subject-matter experts discussed MSKCC safety initiatives while groups of staff rotated from speaker to speaker every 20 minutes. The learning was fast paced and fun! The topics for this year’s Lightning Rounds included MRI Safety; CAUTI & Falls Prevention; Patient and Caregiver Education Strategies; Patient Safety System and Process for Event Reporting. Staff gave the program excellent reviews (see below). “I was very impressed with the amount of information that was able to be communicated with such a short time at each station. Concise, interesting, and it was great to be made aware of changes occurring at MSKCC in the Division of Q&S!” For more information on this event contact Robin Moulder, Manager, Division of Quality & Safety at

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Mafraq Hospital : "United for Patient Safety "

For the first time in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Mafraq hospital is the only organization to host “Patient Safety Awareness Week” in conjunction with our annual “Culture of Safety Campaign” from 13th to 19th March, 2016. It aims to raise awareness about patient safety among staff, educate patients on ways to become involved in their own health care, and foster partnership activities between our organization, patients and families. Total of 860 participants which includes patients, visitors and staff attended various awareness activities throughout this week. Below are the exciting activities held during the week Activities/Events: Leaders walk: Senior management team walked around the hospital every day from 13th-17th March wearing the ID badges which has the campaign theme: “United for Patient Safety”. Brown-bag lunch sessions: (Patient Safety stories): Patient safety related stories were shared by 2 speakers with the participants on 13th and 17th March, 2016. Brown bag lunch was provided during the session. Movie break: Played short safety related videos to staff on 14th and 16th March, 2016; provided popcorn during the session. “Room of Horrors”: Simulated a patient room with “errors” or potential risks. Staff was encouraged to identify the errors as well as possible solutions. Offered prizes for participants who identified more than 10 errors. 3 sessions were conducted: 13th to 15th March, 2016. Photo booth was placed within the room. This was voted as the most attractive activity by majority of the staff. Play patient safety games or quizzes: Patient safety quizzes conducted to staff, patients and visitors. Offered prizes for participants who get the most answers right, or complete the game fastest. Patient interview: Interviewed patients and families “How safe they are in Mafraq “using patient safety questionnaire. Poster Competition: Initially, there were 30 posters submitted about the theme “United for Patient Safety”. Out of those, top ten were shortlisted and were displayed in the corridor between Labor ward and 1D for judging of the juries and staff. At the last day of the campaign, top 3 were announced as the winners: 2A(Male Orthopedic ward), 1C (Female Surgical/Ob-Gyne Ward) and NICU, respectively. Learn more about Hand Hygiene with “Habib”: Habib (Hand Mascot) walked around OPDs, cafeteria and ED to promote importance of Hand Hygiene. Other activity includes hand scanning through a machine for 2 days. Medication safety awareness booth: Medication safety awareness campaign was conducted for the first two days of the campaign near OPD pharmacy. Raise yourself: 2 Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) Patient safety goals and related policies were discussed throughout the week in every departments/units and during safety huddles. Culture of Safety activities: Topics from safety culture survey were incorporated in the above mentioned activities. Organized booths for EHSMS and Fair and Just Culture. Closing Campaign on 17thMarch 2016, the campaign was officially closed ,where the top 3 poster winners announced and awarded, concurrently raffle draw conducted prizes were given to 3 lucky winners.

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Murphy Medical Center Staff Say "We are all patients."

The staff of Murphy Medical Center in Murphy, NC, embraced the "we are all patients" spirit of Patient Safety Awareness Week 2016. Read more about what they did here

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Patient Safety Fair and More: St. James Mercy Hospital

St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell, NY, observed Patient Safety Awareness Week with a broad range of activities, including "brown bag lunch and learn" sessions, department in-services, quizzes, a scavenger hunt, a safe-handling patient relay race, and other events focused on patient safety. Read more about their activities,

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Rice Memorial Hospital

Rice Memorial Hospital (Minnesota) marked Patient Safety Awareness Week with a special blog post highlighting their patient safety intiatives,

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"Patient Safety Seek and Find" Exhibit: Naval Hospital Bremerton

The Navy Nurse Corps staff at Naval Hospital Bremerton bolstered the command’s 2016 Patient Safety Awareness Week campaign of Mar. 13-19, 2016 by organizing a hands-on "Patient Safety Seek and Find" exhibit. Read more

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Larkin Community Hospital Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

Larkin Community Hospital in Hialeah, FL, got involved in the We are all patients initiative, with multiple staff members donning hospital gowns to show empathy with patients during Patient Safety Awareness Week,

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Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Patient Safety Fair

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) celebrated National Patient Safety Awareness Week with a Patient Safety Fair, March 16, which featured more than 30 booths. Read more,

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Patient Safety at Glendale Adventist Medical Center

See how Glendale Adventist Medical Center in Glendale, CA is educating our patients, associates and physicians about patient safety...through the eyes of a patient!

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Labor + Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente: Tip Sheet for Keeping Patients Injury Free

The Labor + Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente kicked off Patient Safety Awareness Week with a Tip Sheet for Keeping Patients Injury Free. Check it out at

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Magruder Hospital Pharmacy video

Watch this video to see how Magruder Hospital Pharmacy in Port Clinton, Ohio, is ensuring patient safety,

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Adirondack Medical Center

Adirondack Medical Center has a host of activities going on for Patient Safety Awareness Week 2016, including: - Every department has created and is displaying a poster describing how it contributes to patient safety at Adirondack Health. - Interactive demonstrations on proper exam room and lab specimen procedures will provide a helpful refresher for employees, and a scavenger hunt will run throughout the week with clues hidden in each department’s patient safety poster. Read about their plans at

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NPSF Has Its Own Sweet Celebration

The staff at NPSF love their sweets and today was no exception. Thanks to our coworker Caitlin for the delicious cake to help us celebrate the week!

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97th Medical Group - Altus AFB

Monday 14MAR PSAW Kickoff Video from Lt. Gen Ediger Shared facility Wide Information table with giveaways and handouts Hot Dog Luncheon Tuesday15MAR Information table with giveaways and handouts TeamSTEPPS Word Scramble (with prizes) Wednesday 16MAR Information table with giveaways and handouts Patient Safety Word Search (with prizes) Handout of PSAW Facility created Anti-Microbial Pens and Hand Sanitizers Thursday 17MAR Information table with giveaways and handouts Patient Safety crossword (with Prizes) Webcast available in training room Friday 18MAR Information table with giveaways and handouts Patient Safety Brain teaser (with Prizes)

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National Patient Safety Week Events at CHI St. Vincent

CHI St. Vincent Health System (AR), part of Catholic Health Systems, posted their Patient Safety Awareness Week activities on their blog. Their week includes safety catches, social media posts, safety coach crossword, and other contests. Check out their plans at

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Children's Hospitals Offer Safety Tips During Patient Safety Awareness Week

Children's Hospitals Offer Safety Tips for Patient Families During National Patient Safety Awareness Week As National Patient Safety Awareness Week-United for Patient Safety-kicks off next week (March 13-19, 2016),children's hospitals around the country are affirming the critical role patient families play in making hospital stays as safe as possible for their children. Read more,

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