Suggestions for Social Media


Sample Facebook Posts
  • Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 13-19. Join us and NPSF by being United for Patient Safety. Visit 
  • Sharing the Ask Me 3 video from the National Patient Safety Foundation in recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week,
  • Do you believe every day is patient safety day? Then you need to be a part of our United for Patient Safety Campaign. Take the pledge, honor a loved one, and let’s make a difference. Visit
  • Sharing Safety Is Personal, a report from the National Patient Safety Foundation Lucian Leape Institute, about the importance of patient engagement as a means to improving patient safety, #unitedforpatientsafety 
Sample Twitter Posts 
  • Please use the hashtag #unitedforpatientsafety and #psaw2016 to share your tweets! And mention @theNPSF
  • Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 13-19, United in Safety #unitedforpatientsafety #ptsafety #psaw2016 
  • Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 13-19, learn what you can do about #unitedforpatientsafety #ptsafety #psaw2016
  • Honor a loved one + be #UnitedforPatientSafety 
  • We are all patients (patient gown photos) #unitedforpatientsafety #ptsafety #psaw2016
  • Ask Me3 video: share it & be #UnitedforPatientSafety #ptsafety #psaw2016
  • Providers: Words to Watch to get around low health literacy  #unitedforpatientsafety 
  • Ask Me3 video: share this during #unitedforpatientsafety and be United for Patient Safety #ptsafety #psaw2016
  • #unitedforpatientsafety  Engaging patients; Safety Is Personal report  #ptsafety #psaw2016

Stand with your patients. Wear a patient gown.

Hospital administrators can step into the role of the patient by wearing a patient gown for the week of Patient Safety Awareness Week between March 13-19, 2016 (or even just a day). Snap a picture in the gown, caption it “We are all patients” and share it on social media and the campaign website. By doing so, you show your patients you are standing with them in striving for patient safety and the reduction of harm. If you are posting it on social media please be sure to use the hashtag #unitedforpatientsafety and .

Other creative ideas with patient gowns include:

  • Make a video about the gowns and your commitment to patient safety;
  • Hang a patient gown in your office or in meeting rooms to remind you and your staff why you do the work you do; and
  • Send patient gowns to members of Congress and challenge them to wear the gown, snap a photo and caption it with the same tagline “We are all patients.” Remind them to share their photos on social media and the campaign website.

Please be sure to use the hashtag #unitedforpatientsafety and @theNPSF.


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