About Me

When my mate gifted me a domain name, I decided it was time to stop making an online journey about my fighting to succeed with bodybuilding.

Hence why I’ve named this site UPS bodybuilding. It’s not about the parcel delivery company, and to be honest it’s not just about bodybuilding either.

So, what exactly is this site going to be about?

Bodybuilding & Supplements

The main focus of this site/blog is to talk to you about my bodybuilding journey. I worked hard over the past two years to try and transform not only my physique, but my physical and mental health levels as well.

When I mean health physically, I’m talking about overall physical fitness. There’s no point in looking great on the outside of your body is unhealthy inside. There are so many guys out there who work out really hard look to fantastic, but ask them to run a mile and they die on their ass.

So for me, the absolute cornerstone of bodybuilding is to be fit first. Once you’re fit first, then you can push yourself harder than you ever could if you are not truly fit.

Which means I’m going to be covering fitness a lot in this blog. I’m talking about body weight workouts, cardio, even workouts like spinning and cross fit as well. I’ve done them all, and I even mix-and-match to get a flexible routine is needed. You can to with a bit of knowledge and practice.

Once I’d reached a plateau with my natural bodybuilding, which took about a year, I looked at natural supplements to help aid and development further.

I looked at testosterone boosting supplements, nutrient supplements, recovery supplements, and natural steroid alternatives. These are supplements that are bundled together into a capsule with natural ingredients to try and recreate the potency of anabolic steroids.

Now supplements can be great. Safe to use, and they definitely add 10% to your results. However, there’s only so much that they can do. But if you don’t want to go further than that, then they are cost-effective and I will cover everything you need to know about natural bodybuilding supplementation in on my site.

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators)

For me, SARMs have become a big part of my bodybuilding regime. I experimented with them a while back, they are now a regular part of my life.

SARMs, if you understand them and use them safely, can dramatically increase your gains. More than that, they can increase your energy levels, and your recovery times.

One important distinction to get across to you in this blog is how some SARMs are androgenic, while others aren’t. Once you understand that, and how to stack them to maximum advantage, that’s when the real potency of SARMs comes to life.

If you’re not interested in SARMs, ignore those articles, it’s your call. But put together, I’m going to tell you how to use SARMs (even the mildest one, Ostarine, which is universally usable) and natural bodybuilding supplements to dramatically improve your results (as long as you obviously work hard).

Drug Test Guides

I’ll also be putting together some drug test guides. The reason for that is because I got caught out and failed a work drug test last year.

I’d smoked a joint five days before, and then they did some random drug testing. Ridiculously, I failed, and was given a formal warning. I didn’t lose my job, but if it happens again then I will.

How insane is that?

Five days ago I smoked a joint, and now I could lose my job because of that. Not under the influence, it’s not affecting my work, my capability, my mental health, performance levels, absolutely nothing.

Worse than that, cannabis is legal in my state. And yet, I can lose my job for doing something completely legal. What on earth is that all about?

So, what I’m also doing here guys is putting together some drug testing guides. You’ll learn exactly how each type of drug test works, and my experience with them.

I’ll tell you the various ways you can pass a drug test, and how effective those methods are. I’ll do this for hair drug testing, urine sample drug testing, and saliva drug testing. I won’t bother with blood testing though, because it’s so rare.

As well as general drug test guides, I’ll also be doing detailed product reviews. Fake urine, detox drinks, detox pills, all the ones I tried and tested, researched, and found to work.

But more than that, I’m going to tell you guys exactly why they work, and how to use them. So it’s not just reviews, it’s detailed articles on best practices to pass any type of drug test using high-quality avoidance products.

And… What about me?

This about me wouldn’t be complete without talking about myself. I’m 32 and live in Philadelphia.

I have a wife and a little boy who is three. I have a regular job, in a blue-collar industry. I’ve been doing it for a few years, but have chopped and changed before that. I learned a lot about drug testing, people’s attitudes to it, and what people do to get around it (including some of my friends at college doing nutty things to try and pass drug tests, but ending up getting caught because home remedies just don’t work).

Through my experiences, and especially experiences of my friends, I’ve learned a lot about drug testing, motivation, working out, and having a good mindset.

Whether it does any good or not, I want to pass some of that on here. It may just be therapeutic and cathartic for me, or it may genuinely help someone else out there to improve in their own life as well.

For me, bodybuilding, general fitness, good quality supplementation, and insulating myself from the madness of the American drug testing system, has improved my mental health dramatically in the past few years, and I want to make sure that that positivity is passed on to as many people as possible.