Andarine S-4 Review: The Most Powerful Muscle Building SARM?

Andarine S-4 is a modern SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that can build muscle and cut fat, whether you run it solo all stack it with other SARMs. In this Andarine S-4 review, you’re going to learn everything you need to get the most out of using it.

We will talk about what it is, how to dose and cycle Andarine, what the realistic Andarine before and after-effects will be for you, and if there are any side effects to watch out for.

The hardest part of using SARMs successfully is actually getting the real deal. Most out there are fakes or contain anabolic steroids instead. But we will conclude this review of S-4 by telling you exactly where to find Andarine S-4 for sale that’s 100% pure and guaranteed.

What Is Andarine S-4?

Andarine S-4 is a SARM. That means it selectively activates androgen receptors and modulates the messages they send. It targets androgen receptors in muscle, which tells those muscles to grow. So what you’re getting with SARMs is something that targets your muscle and bone and tells it to grow faster than naturally.

But more than that, a lot of SARMs also tell your body to burn fat and to leave muscle alone, meaning that even in a calorie deficit muscle will be left alone while all the fat burns away: there is no crossover zone.

It was developed to treat muscle wasting conditions and osteoporosis, so it’s definitely designed to help maintain muscle and increase bone density. That’s why it’s been hijacked by bodybuilders who buy on the grey market online, and then use it to accelerate muscle gains, strip fat, make their bones stronger, and gain endurance.

Andarine S4

Andarine Dosage & Cycle

I haven’t got time in this brief Andarine S-4 review to give you a detailed guide on dosage, cycling, and stacking it alongside other SARMs. But what I can tell you is that within a single cycle you can get dramatic results. You have to watch the dosage, as this is quite potent stuff though.

So if I was going to do a cycle on its own, then the Andarine dosage I would use, and the cycle, are as follows:

  • Andarine dosage of 25 mg per day
  • Cycle length of 10 weeks
  • Break of eight weeks
  • PCT supplement needed

Andarine dosage

Andarine Results: What To Expect

So what are the real results you can expect? Before you got here, you may have looked to other sites where you see those amazing Andarine before and after photos. I’ll talk to you more about them in a moment.

No matter what you see or read, you’re going to have to learn for yourself how much it will benefit your body. Work hard though, and I think you will see the following results in a single Andarine cycle:

  1. Strong muscle growth, way above what you could grow naturally. This is where the body is repairing muscle after a workout, and the micro-tears grow back stronger. SARMs accelerate that message, making repair work quicker, and the regrowth of muscle stronger and larger.
  2. You will cut the fat. Your body will be told to burn the fat (the process of breaking down a fat called lipolysis) and not to touch the muscle, even if at times you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning. You can’t do it indefinitely, but it protects the muscle during a single cycle, meaning you can really shed fat and re-comp.
  3. Within a couple of weeks, you will feel stronger. Because your muscle growth is bigger, and your recovery times are better, you will develop faster, alongside that you will get confidence which helps to push you on quicker as well.

Now, look. I’m not going to say this is easy. These are not anabolic steroids. But they are one hell of a lot safer to use.

You will have to work out harder, push yourself further than you have before, and more frequently. You’ll have to eat better and stay away from the crap. No beer, no late nights, work hard for the whole cycle and the rewards are definitely there using just Andarine.

Andarine Side Effects

So look, this stuff is awesome, but there are side effects that you need to be aware of.

For a very, very small number of people, you will get shifts in your vision. It could be blurriness, color changes, or things that will just look slightly different. It tends to go away a short time after you stop using S-4. It’s also not common, and I’ve only ever seen a couple of guys online talking about it happening to them.

The big Andarine side effect though is testosterone suppression. Because this is a true androgen receptor modulator, it is doing what testosterone does in the body. The result is that your body will start to produce less and less testosterone because it’s not needed.

This is why it’s known as a suppressive SARM. At the end of your cycle, you will need post-cycle therapy, a supplement to help block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen and to help your body raise testosterone levels.

For most people, you won’t need an aggressive PCT supplement, and Nolvadex will be perfect for using with Andarine. But for some people, who feel a real aggressive testosterone drop, you might need a stronger supplement called Clomid.

Andarine Side Effects

Andarine Before & After Photos Warning

Before I finish this Andarine S-4 review by telling you where to find Andarine for sale that’s 100% pure and safe, I want to warn you about those before and after photos.

If you have been surfing around online you may have seen those Andarine before and after photos, claiming huge gains and fat completely removed in a single cycle

A lot of those photos aren’t true guys. A lot of those photos aren’t even the result of SARMs use, they are the results of a year’s work or anabolic steroids photos. Only you can know the results that you’ll get, and you’ll have to do a cycle, backed up by the aggressive work I told you about, to get your own true results.

Finding 100% Pure Andarine S-4 For Sale

The irony is that the tough as part of using SARMs is finding them for sale in the first place. Finding Andarine S-4 for sale that is a 100% pure, genuine SARM is really tough.

I’m telling you that the reality is that over 50% of the SARMs you’ll find online are not even SARMs. Some are even anabolic steroids, which would be a disaster if you start to take them without realizing it.

So what I’ve done here is put together a list of three SARMs sources that I’ve used myself. But more than that, they all have great user reviews online. More than that, and most importantly, they all guarantee the purity of the SARMs they sell is 100%, and they publish independent lab reports right there on their websites to prove it.


I originally ordered from these guys because they are based in the USA, and have been around for several years. They guarantee the purity of the SARMs, and you can see the latest batch testing reports on every product page.

They offer free shipping on orders in the USA and over $300 on international orders. There’s also a full moneyback guarantee.

Let’s talk about the Andarine for sale from in terms of price. 1 g of powder (I’d never really recommended use powder unless you’re on a budget because it’s really tough to weigh and consume) is just $49.99, with a total dose of 1000 mg.

Far better, although obviously more expensive, is the sublingual SARMs liquid, basically, the Andarine is suspended in a liquid that you put under the tongue and then swallow, allowing it to be fully absorbed.

A 300 mg dropper bottle costs just $79.99. That’s 30 doses each of 50 mg.  That’s a really great price for a high concentration. Obviously you’ll have to be very careful with dosing because 50 mg would be a crazy dose.

  1. Proven Peptides

The second place I by my SARMs from in the USA is Proven Peptides. They offer a moneyback guarantee and free shipping on orders over $75.

You also get visibility of those vital third-party independent lab test reports. They are conducted in the USA, and I checked the company out that do them, and they definitely do the work for Proven Peptides.

What’s also different is that these guys buy SARMs that are made in the USA. So these aren’t SARMs imported from China, these are made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

But you do pay for that purity and USA quality guarantee. A 30 mL dropper bottle will cost you $74.99. So almost exactly the same price as buying it from

  1. Sarms4You

Third, on my list of places that you can find real Andarine for sale is this European company called Sarms 4 You.

Because they are based in Europe, they are perfect for bodybuilders living there. However, they do sell SARMs capsules, which is powder in capsule form. It’s the easiest to dose, which is perfect for beginners. They ship globally, so if you want the easiest and most convenient way to do SARMs, then even if you’re in the USA, these could be the guys for you.

60 capsules, each of 25 mg (so absolutely ideal my recommended dosage) costs $60. So quite expensive, but I’ll tell you a little tip. They often run 20% discount offers. If they are running one, you’ll see it on a banner at the top of the website with a coupon code. Paste that code into your shopping cart, and it will save you a ton of cash.