Best SARMs Stacks For Cutting, Bulking & Strength: Detailed Guide

There’s tons of information out there about using SARMs, but most of it is not very accurate or not very detailed. So in this easy but comprehensive guide, you are going to learn everything you need to know, about using SARMs for cutting, bulking, strength and recomping, and what the best SARMs stacks are to achieve this.

But more than that, you’ll also learn about the best SARMs Stack for females is, how to use these unlicensed drugs safely, how to dose them, and potential side effects to watch out for if your testosterone levels drop through the floor.

All that information packed in, plus you’ll also learn about the top four SARMs sellers online who sell 100% pure and guaranteed SARMs in powder, capsules, and liquid form for the best prices.

How SARMs Work

SARMs work by boosting signals in your body that tell you to strip fat or build muscle. They do this through their construction being exactly as the name suggests: Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.

A bit like anabolic steroids they send messages to the androgen receptors in the body (testosterone is the most well-known of these), and modulate the messages sent to increase the body’s response.

But unlike anabolic steroids, they do this in a controlled and targeted way. So where an anabolic steroid is like hitting a kitten with a brick, SARMs are far more subtle in the way they target specific androgen receptors, depending on the one you use.

Put together, SARMs have the following general characteristics:

  • Can dramatically bulk up lean muscle through faster and harder regrowth
  • Can dramatically strip body fat
  • Increase energy levels
  • Can improve recovery times and decrease inflammation and strain
  • SARMs have the ability to improve your mood and drive
  • SARMs can significantly drop testosterone levels at the end of a cycle

One point I want to make here about SARMs though is that they are not a magic bullet. Even using the best SARMs Stack, you have to back that cycle of SARMs up with an incredible exercise routine. It has to be progressive, demanding, challenging, it has to push you to personal bests and beyond.

You will also have to back it all up with a great diet and cardio work. SARMs are fantastic, but they are not anabolic steroids, and unless you do some very hard work, the messages being sent to your body’s androgen receptors won’t be strong enough to dramatically change your physique alone.

How To Take SARMs

When it comes to taking SARMs you have three basic choices, each of which has benefits and pitfalls.

Loose powder SARMs pros and cons:

  • The cheapest form of SARMs
  • Very easy to take orally
  • Less convenient and require scale to dose

SARMs capsules pros and cons:

  • Very easy to get an exact dose
  • Simple to transport and consume anywhere
  • The most expensive way to take SARMs

SARMs liquid pros and cons:

  • The affordable middle ground way of using SARMs
  • very easy to take sublingually
  • can be difficult to get the correct dose

umbrella labs sarms

SARMs Dosage Guide

Giving good advice on dosing SARMs is quite tough because everyone is different. On top of that, all the different types of SARMs out there require different dosage ranges as well, depending on their strength, how you respond to them, and the effects you want to achieve.

Let’s talk about the mildest SARM out there as an example. Ostarine is very tolerable and doesn’t suppress testosterone unless you take very high doses, usually 40 mg or more. So any dose below 40 mg is mostly safe, although if you’re starting out with SARMs the first time, I would go lower than that, 20 mg working up to 30 mg after a few weeks.

But then some of the newer and more potent SARMs like YK-11 require a far lower dose, often 10 mg or less. So dosing SARMs can be problematic, which is why we can only give ballpark dosage ranges when talking about specific SARMs, or SARMs stacks (where each individual dose will be lower because the total dose combined will be higher, and this will vary depending on whether they are true SARMs or not).

SARMs Dosage

Best SARMs For Bodybuilding

So now you’ve had a bit of general prep about using SARMs for bodybuilding, let’s talk you through some of the most popular ones out there with quick SARMs reviews of the top six.

  1. Ostarine MK-2866

Ostarine is the original SARM, and it’s also the most tolerable and least potent. This means that most guys won’t require a PCT supplement when using it, unless you’re hammering doses of 30 mg or higher each day.

Ostarine has the following characteristics:

  • It’s very tolerable and won’t require a PCT unless a high dose
  • Ostarine is great for cutting fat and maintaining muscle
  • It’s not good for building muscle
  • The dosage range is between 10 mg and 50 mg (with most people taking around 30 mg per day)
  • it’s a perfect SARM to test your tolerance at the start of your journey

SARM Ostarine

  1. Lingadrol LGD-4033

LGD-4033 is very similar to Ostarine but significantly stronger in its effects at the same dose level:

  • Excellent for stripping fat away quickly
  • one of the best SARMs for weight loss
  • Can also maintain and even grow muscle mass
  • Great all-round cutting and recomping SARM
  • 12 times more potent than Ostarine

So this is a great all-rounder, but you have to be careful with dosing. It has a relatively short half-life, so you will probably dose once per day. Doses are usually 10 mg or less.

SARM Ligandrol

  1. Nutrobal MK-677

MK-677 actually has two names, Nutrobal and Ibutamoren, which alongside its chemical alphanumeric name can cause some confusion.

It’s not actually even a true SARM. It works as a selective agonist of the secretagogue receptor, which is where it gets interesting. It’s the mechanism of action, therefore, is to influence growth hormone receptors, this increase in growth hormones leads to an increase in IGF-1, the hormone directly responsible for repairing and bulking up muscles

MK-677, therefore, has the following key characteristics:

  • Can increase muscle mass dramatically
  • Appetite and energy levels will increase significantly
  • Muscle and bone density will be improved
  • Doses are in the range of 10 mg through to 25 mg daily
  • Does not suppress testosterone
  1. Andarine S-4

If you’re looking for the classic bulking SARM, then S-4 Andarine forms one of the trios alongside RAD-140 and YK-11. It’s, without doubt, one of the best SARMs for bulking.

However, it does have a reputation that is not great amongst bodybuilding communities who use SARMs because a very small number of people have had their vision affected by it. But this appears through anecdotal evidence only to have happened to people who have gone crazy with using high doses. As long as you stick to the ranges recommended here, you won’t have that problem:

  • S-4 is perfect for incredible muscle gains
  • Muscle mass will increase and also be harder
  • It is highly suppressive to testosterone
  • It’s a modern and more powerful SARM
  • Normal dosage is around 10 mg up to a sensible ceiling of 25 mg daily

SARM Andarine

  1. Testolone RAD-140

RAD-140 is amongst the most modern of SARMs that has ever been developed, however, that also has the downside that there is absolutely no human trial data that can be used to look at side effects or dosing.

It has a very strong anabolic effect which dramatically improves muscle mass in record time. Put together, you getting a very potent SARM, but one that needs to be treated with great respect:

  • Lean muscle gains are rapid and dramatic
  • Repaired muscle mass is harder
  • Increases energy levels
  • Does significantly inhibit testosterone production
  • Has a short half-life that can require twice per day dosing
  • Dosage should be low, kept between 5 mg and 10 mg per day

SARm Testolone

  1. Cardarine GW-501516 – Best SARM For Cutting

Last on the list is Cardarine, probably the best SARM for cutting. It’s not actually a true SARM at all, which is why it doesn’t require a PCT supplement, you literally will not lose testosterone using it.

  • It works by stimulating protein receptors in the body. This dramatically improved bioavailability of glucose, which helps the body to create more and better muscle tissue:
  • Cardarine is superb for burning fat
  • Created muscle will be harder and more defined
  • Glucose increases help boost energy levels and focus
  • Increases resilience of muscle tissue
  • Has a very short half-life so requires twice daily dosing
  • Daily dose between 7 mg and 20 mg on average

SARM Cardarine

Best SARMs For Cutting [Stack]

So now you understand a bit more about how the different SARMs work in the body through detailed SARMs reviews, let’s look at the most popular SARM stacks, beginning with the best SARMs Stack for cutting:

  • MK-2866 @ 10 mg for three weeks, then 20 mg for five weeks
  • GW-501516 @ 10 mg for two weeks, then 20 mg for five weeks
  • Total cycle length is eight weeks
  • PCT supplement may be needed for some people
  • The gap between cycles should last 4-6 weeks

This is a simple stack that really helps to cut fat, using two SARMs that are perfect for the purpose. Ostarine sends messages to cut fat, and it also protects lean muscle even in a calorie deficit situation.

At the same time Cardarine is improving your energy levels, helping you to burn more fat, and power through your exercises, toning up and even increasing muscle mass alongside that tone.

Best SARMs For Bulking [Stack]

Let’s now move from cutting to bulking, by looking at the best SARMs for bulking put together in a simple but effective stack:

  • Andarine S4 @ 15 mg per day for three weeks, then 20 mg per day for three weeks
  • RAD-140 @10 mg per day for three weeks, then 15 mg per day for three weeks
  • MK-677 @ 10 mg per day for three weeks, then 15 mg per day for three weeks
  • A PCT (SERM) supplement will be needed
  • Cycle length is six weeks but could be pushed to 8 after your first
  • Always keep the gap between cycles around six weeks to fully recover T levels

You will definitely need a PCT supplement using this bulking stack. You will also need to work hard, really pushing your personal best to get the most out of it. But if you do, I’m telling you that you will pack on incredible amounts of lean muscle in just one cycle.

Best SARMs For Strength [Stack]

The purpose of the SARMs stack isn’t just to build strength, it’s also using SARMs for bulking as well, so it’s a combo stack that helps to move you into bulking up. The progression from the stacks I’m putting here, the one I did, was cutting, strength, and then bulking, but I put it after bulking because some people prefer to just build the strength as the bulk.

The best SARMs Stack full-strength that I have ever used is:

  • LGD-4033 @ 15 mg per day
  • YK-11 @ 15 mg per day
  • GW-501516 @ 20 mg per day
  • Eight week cycle
  • Six week gap
  • You will need a PCT supplement during the gap

You’re going to have to work hard with this one. As you now know, Cardarine fuels your muscles and really helps you to push on through with your exercise routine. But you are going to have to do that work to build the strength of your muscles up and increase your stamina.

With this stack though, the key thing is to make sure your progress is smooth. If you go too fast then your increase in energy can outstrip the ability of your body to cope, which can lead to muscle and skeletal injuries.

Best SARMs For Recomping [Stack]

Recomping is basically just a name for cutting and bulking at the same time. Your stripping fat, at the same time as you toning up, basically rebalancing your body to get it ready the push into major bulk and tone work.

But more than that, a good recomping program will also build strength and stamina, so it’s a bit of an all-rounder that some people use in the beginning to work on those three key areas.

This classic recomping stack consist of the following:

  • Cardarine GW-501516 @ 20 mg
  • LGD-4033 Lingadrol @ 20 mg
  • MK-2866 Ostarine @ 20 mg for four weeks and then 30 mg for four weeks
  • Eight week SARMs cycle
  • Six week gap between cycles
  • You may need a PCT but not everyone does use this stack

This is a great cycle and stack for burning fat, building muscle, protecting your gains, building up strength, and helping your body to recover faster as well. Just take it slow and steady, and make sure you push yourself with cardio work as well, as that also builds your stamina and burns fat while still allowing you to recover your muscles.

Best SARMs For Females [Stack]

Almost everything you read online talks about muscle growth and talks about it in relation to men, so it’s little wonder that a lot of female bodybuilders don’t even realize that SARMs can be used by women as well.

Part of the problem is that every place that talks about SARMs, every online store and resource, shows SARMs before and after photos with men, it’s very rare to see women.

But the truth is that women can benefit from SARMs, and the best SARMs stacks for women will help to significantly tone, and burns fat. Obviously you don’t want to bulk up with muscle, you want to retain that feminine shape, and SARMs are fantastic for doing that.

This is a classic SARMs Stack for women to try:

  • LGD-4033 @ 5 mg per day
  • MK-2866 @ 10 mg per day
  • SR-9009 @15 mg per day
  • Cycle length is eight weeks
  • Six week gap between cycles
  • No PCT supplement required for women

Notice the use of a SARM I haven’t mentioned previously, SR-9009 Stenabolic. It’s great for boosting stamina and burning fat while maintaining muscle tone. Stack that with the other two SARMs here and you’ve got a fantastic combo for dramatic fat burning and incredible toning, without significantly increasing your muscle mass.

Best SARMs For Females

Using Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Supplements

So if you’re male, and you are using pretty much any of the best SARMs stacks we’ve talked about here, then you’re going to have to consider the use of PCT supplements.

Post cycle therapy is crucial because it can lift your testosterone levels back to your baseline, and even improve them. Significant testosterone drop can cause the following serious problems:

  • Drop in mood and potentially depression
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Lack of physical strength and endurance
  • Lack of happiness
  • Inability to sleep and perform
  • Can increase estrogen levels
  • Increased estrogen can produce man breasts and other problems

As you can see, lifting your testosterone levels post cycle is crucial. You can even use PCT supplements on the cycle, but I wouldn’t really recommend continuing the cycle if you are having to use a PCT supplement to try and drag your testosterone levels kicking and screaming back up to normal. You could do yourself long-term damage to your body’s ability to produce testosterone.

It’s better to stop the cycle immediately and go straight into at least four weeks post cycle therapy. There are two main PCT supplements that are used:

  1. Nolvadex is the mildest. It’s a SERM, a selective estrogen receptor modulator that has the ability to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and also in men to provoke the production of higher levels of testosterone.
  2. Clomid is a far more aggressive SERM. For some men, it may be too aggressive and unneeded for a lot of the weaker SARMs and stacks. If you’re doing a strong bulking stack of SARMs and you can feel your T levels are dropping like a stone though then Clomid is definitely the answer.

SARMs Before And After Photo Warning

Before I move on to where to buy SARMs for cutting, bulking, and recomping, I just want to talk about those SARMs before and after photos that you’ll see.

Most of the time those photos are fakes or are just there for illustrative purposes. Nobody believes them anyway, so what’s the point in putting them up? Unless you know that person well, you know that they are telling the truth, nobody believes those before and after photos.

Truthfully, the only way to find out how effective SARMs really are is to use them for yourself. But just remember you will not get those fantastic results unless you hit your peak quickly and keep it there for the length of the SARMs cycle.

SARMs before and after

Where To Buy SARMs

Surprisingly, just as hard as actually doing a cycle SARMs, is finding 100% pure SARMs from a reliable seller in the first place.

A lot of SARMs are really poor quality, and it’s been found in some informal studies and analysis that SARMs for sale are often not pure, and contain things like prohormones and even anabolic steroids.

It’s crucial that you get the real deal. It’s getting even harder though, as one of the countries that manufacturers SARMs, China, actually banned the production of them at the end of 2019. Although they are still made there illegally, it doesn’t help with quality problems.

Any of these four webstores will do. I’ve used them myself over the past three years with no problems, and every time they deliver 100% pure SARMs quickly.


This is going to be number one on most people’s lists of places to buy 100% pure SARMs at the best price and quality guaranteed.

Those lab test reports are right there on the product pages, telling you that they have been independently lab tested for purity, and pricing is really good as well. They sell powders and liquids, but I’m going to focus on the liquid SARMs here because it’s just so much easier to use them.

They sell all the main types of SARMs, all the ones I’ve talked about in this guide to the best SARMs stacks, and some of the rarer types. Let’s take an example, the widely available LGD-4033.

300 mg, at a concentration of 10 mg/mL costs just $40. That’s a lot of doses for a very low price. And that’s the same with all the SARMs that they sell. So you can put together a really good SARMs stack for cutting, bulking, or recomping, with enough for a couple of cycles, all for a couple of hundred dollars.

where to buy SARMs

  1. Chemyo is a site I haven’t purchased SARMs from as frequently as I have from Science. But don’t let that deceive you because I be doing a lot more frequently from now on, as soon as I used up my current stock.

The reason for that is the amount you get, and the quality.  It’s guaranteed 100% pure, and on top of that larger size for your money.

Let’s give you an example here by talking about Rad-140. Dosing 10 mg/mL, a 50 mL dropper bottle will set you back $59.99. That’s a lot of SARMs for the money.

You’ll also get completely free shipping on orders in the USA are $100, over $275 if you’re ordering from anywhere in the world. So these guys perfect for buying high quality SARMs from, no matter where you are stop

chemyo sarms sales

  1. Swiss Chems

Third, on my list of SARMs reviews is Swiss Chems. They are based in the USA but do ship globally. You’ll get domestic free shipping, comprehensive 100% moneyback guarantee, and every product is backed up by that all-important third party independent lab testing report on the product page.

I’ve used these guys loads, and the SARMs are definitely 100% pure, and always brilliant quality. More than that though, they also sell PCT supplements, including Clomid and Nolvadex, something none of the other SARMs sellers do. So you can get everything you need in one order, rather than having to shop around.

In terms of pricing, 38 capsules of Ostarine, each dosing 10 mg, will cost you $75.95. Far more expensive than liquid, but simply the most convenient way of accurately dosing SARMs wherever you are.


  1. Proven Peptides

The last SARMs review is for Proven Peptides. Again, they sell all the main types of SARMs, and they are in sublingual liquid form.

These SARMs are made and tested in the USA, not imported from the Far East like most SARMs are nowadays. So that’s an unusual difference which is worth noting, and it is backed up by purity reports that show complete purity.

They are not the cheapest seller though. 60 mL at a dose of 10 mg/mL will cost you $99. So far more expensive than, but they are made in the USA, and probably the best quality overall of the SARMs sellers I have reviewed for you carefully here.