Review Of The Top 5 Best Synthetic Urine Brands

The best synthetic urine can definitely pass a drug test. Take my word for it here, if you get the right fake pee, you can pretty much guarantee to pass any type of drug test, even the most complex and expensive.

But it’s not just about buying the urine. If you’re going to use fake pee for drug a test, then there are some top tips you need to know to avoid the pitfalls that most people fall into. So in this guide, I’ll tell you about the traps to avoid, and give you some top tips on using fake pee confidently.

Plus, we will discuss how to use synthetic urine belts and prosthetics, and whether you need to use them at all. A lot of it will depend on the type of urine sample drug test you are facing.

On top of all that, I’ll finish with detailed synthetic urine reviews that cover the top four best brands, that I know from experience definitely have the complexity and quality to pass any type of drug test.

Does Synthetic Urine Work?

If you want to pass a drug test then synthetic urine is definitely the best way to do it. Synthetic urine is better than detox drinks because you can’t get caught out with stray toxins being found in your urine sample.

But there are several things that you have to do to make synthetic urine work:

  • Has to be complex enough to pass testing
  • Mustn’t contain artificial preservatives that can be detected
  • Must be submitted within the correct temperature range
  • Has to pass a visual inspection when handing the sample over

Those are the key things that you need to master in order to use fake pee for drug test. So let’s now take a look in detail at every one of those key points so you don’t get caught out.

does synthetic urine work

What Has To Be In The Best Synthetic Urine?

 Human urine is actually quite complex, consisting of:

“Urine is an aqueous solution of greater than 95% water. Other constituents include urea, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, and inorganic and organic compounds…”

The best synthetic urine contains 14 different chemical markers, while the worst barely contain one.

But to be in with a chance of getting close to passing a drug test using fake pee, it needs to contain at least the following characteristics:

  • Must be within the correct pH range
  • Must fall within the correct specific gravity range
  • Has to contain urea
  • Must contain uric acid
  • Has to contain traces of creatinine

Some of the worst brands of synthetic urine out there don’t even contain those basics. Others contain just those basics, and the best pretty much mirror real human urine.

The Main Reasons People Fail Using Fail Using Fake Urine

So you’ve got your fake sample and that you have handed it over. But when you get your results, you are told that you failed.

You could be told that it was an unnatural sample, basically that it didn’t pass validity testing, or that it wasn’t within the correct temperature range for human urine. There are several reasons you could fail, but those other most common.

So what are the main reasons for these failures, and how do we avoid them?

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  1. The absolute major reason why people fail using fake pee for a drug test is that they submit it within the wrong temperature range. Human urine exits the body within a surprisingly narrow temperature range of between 96°F and 100°F. Now legally, to allow for cooling between you doing the sample and handing it over, they have to accept any sample of 90°F or higher. So as long as your sample is between 90°F and 100°F you will be fine. But just a 10°F variance is very small. However, the best synthetic urine products have you covered when it comes to submitting your sample within the correct temperature range. Plus, in a moment I’m going to tell you a great tip to help you ensure it’s even more certain.
  2. The second main reason is that the sample doesn’t pass validity checks. They will check for the very basics to make sure it is human urine. They will check that it contains several chemicals. The jury is actually still out on what those chemicals are, but generally, it seems to be creatinine, uric acid, and urea that are looked for. Also, they do sometimes look for the correct specific gravity range and pH range, although that’s less common.
  3. The third reason that your synthetic urine sample might not work is that it contains biocide. This is an artificial preservative that is found in a lot of things, including many brands of synthetic urine. It’s rumored online that recently the testing labs have started to realize how many brands contain it, so they now look for it during validity testing. There has been a spike in failures that I’ve noticed for certain brands over the past 18 months. And those tend to be the brands that I’m pretty certain do contain biocide. Put it this way, the brands that state they don’t contain biocide are mostly the ones that are still passing. But which brands of synthetic urine don’t contain biocide, are complex enough, and look, smell, and froth like the real thing? At the end of this guide to the best synthetic urine, I’m going to give you synthetic urine reviews for the four brands that do all that. Plus in a moment, I’ll tell you about the brands to avoid.


Avoid These Fake Urine Brands

The other reason people fail drug tests using synthetic urine is that they don’t get the hands-on the best synthetic urine at all. The worst ones out there don’t contain any of the key ingredients that a lab might look for or only a few of them, or they just don’t look like the real thing.

I’m not going to go into huge detail here, but the brands I would always recommend you avoid are :

  • Magnum
  • U Pass
  • Xstream
  • Agent X
  • Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

All of those brands definitely miss some of the key chemicals, and they all definitely contain biocide.

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Tests

I want to talk you through how you use fake pee for drug test success. Because if you’ve never done it before, you might be uncertain as to exactly what you do on the day. So here are the steps you need to take generally:

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  1. The sample has to be heated up to the correct temperature. Every urine product will have a temperature strip on it, so you can see when it gets within the correct temperature range for submission. However, different brands do it in different ways. Most synthetic urine uses a heating pad to keep the sample warm. So you need to allow time for the heat pad to achieve that, or you have to microwave it and then attach the heat pad to it. But the best two brands on the market use heat activator powder rather than a heating pad. I’ll talk to you more about how good the heat activator powder is, and why, when I get to the detailed synthetic urine reviews later.
  1. You then have to keep the sample warm until you get to the testing lab to submit it. If you are using heat activator powder though, you might not need to do this.
  2. You have to smuggle it in. This is actually quite easy because most drug tests are unsupervised. So you’re not searched, and they don’t touch you. So as long as you tuck the sample snuggly and close your skin in your crotch area, usually between two pairs of underpants, you won’t be detected.
  3. You then simply pour the sample into the sample container behind the screen, or sometimes even in a different room. You hand it over, and they test the temperature. You then leave. It’s that easy.  [/wpsm_box]

The best top tip I can give you is around the temperature of the sample because that’s the thing you can control. If you’re standing outside the testing facility and you realize it’s cooled, and you don’t use heat activator powder, then you’re in trouble.

So unless you buy a premium brand of synthetic urine that contains heat activator powder, then you’re going to need a heat source. You could just rush to a local bar and run it under a hot tap. But my top tip is to take a flask of hot water with you. Then you can just pour some over it to raise the temperature.

how to use synthetic urine

How To Use Synthetic Urine Belt & Urinator Devices

I wouldn’t advise you to bother to use a synthetic urine belt, or one of those urinator devices, usually a prosthetic penis, unless you are facing the very rare occurrence of a supervised drug test. If the drug test is unsupervised, which is pretty much every employment drug test you will ever face, then just use standard fake urine in a container that you keep warm.

The only reason not to is if you want reassurance. A synthetic urine belt is really good for discreetly keeping the urine sample on you, without worrying about it slipping out.

The only time you would need to carry it in a synthetic urine belt is if you are being supervised. But that means you’re going to be seen, and most synthetic urine belts contain a dispensing tap and don’t look like the real thing, whether you are standing or sitting.

Yes, you can get synthetic urine belts that have a prosthetic penis on them (obviously only good if you are male), but these don’t look that realistic and are very expensive.

For me, if you are facing a supervised drug test, then rather than gambling on them not spotting the fact that you’re messing around with a synthetic urine belt and a fake penis, I would just advise you to do a proper detox or use a powerful drug detox drink. Still a gamble, but far less of one.

drug detox drink

Practice Before The Day Of Your Test

But let’s say the test is unsupervised, and you’ve picked one of the best synthetic urine products you can.

You’ll feel far more confident, and stand far more chance of passing if you practice before you take the test. You don’t want to be messing around trying to work out how to get the temperature right, sustain it, and submit the sample all in the hour before you leave to do it for real.

So you could just use the submission container with the temperature strip on it, and practice heating up water. See how long it stays within the temperature range on its own, and how long it stays within it tucked within your underwear close to your body.

But better than that, I would recommend something called “practice kit”. It’s available from Clear Choice, which also makes two of my recommended brands of synthetic urine.

The practice kit contains a mixing of a dispensing container, a pair of high-quality heat pads, and heat activator powder. It gives you everything you need to do a few test runs the day before your test.

You could even go to the extreme of transporting a sample to the venue to see if it maintains the temperature, and if it’s possible to discreetly add heat activator powder, or pour hot water onto it outside, or nearby. With the practice kit, you can do all of these things and gain confidence before your test.

The Top Four  Best Synthetic Urine Kits

So hopefully you have now got a bit of a better idea of how to use fake pee for a drug test. Does synthetic urine work? Yes, it certainly does. I know that for a fact because I’ve used the number one choice I’m now going to recommend to you in a live drug test situation.

My best friend has used the number two recommended product. He did that about 4 months ago for an on-the-job drug test.

And I have friends who have used the third and fourth-placed best synthetic urine products to pass drug tests as well. I know them well for years, I know they are telling the truth because they have nothing to lie to me about.

So let’s conclude this guide to the best synthetic urine by giving you my top four picks!

  1. Quick Luck $100

Quick Luck is now my synthetic urine brand of choice. I’ve used it successfully myself to pass a urine sample drug test a few months ago. I used Sub Solution before that, but Quick Luck is even better.

With Quick Luck, you get premixed, complex synthetic urine. 16 chemical markers found in human urine, as close to the real thing as you are going to ever get.

You’ll get a pair of high-quality heat pads, should you want to use a heating pad to keep your sample warm on the way.

On top of the fantastic quality synthetic urine, you’ll also get a vial of heat activator powder. This stuff is amazing because it means you don’t really need heat pads, you don’t even need to heat the sample.

When you get to the lab, before you go in, you tap in about a third of the heat activator powder. Within about a minute after you gently shake it, the temperature will start to rise and should be enough to get it to register on the temperature strip. If it doesn’t, add a little more until it’s as close to 100°F as it can be without going over.

That’s it, you just then go in and submit your sample. Quick Luck makes the whole process as easy, and safe as it can possibly be.

Because it’s premixed, Quick Luck is also brilliant for on-the-job drug testing. All you need is one minute out of sight to get some heat activator powder into it, and then you can submit a valid sample on the spot.

You can read my detailed Quick Luck review here and purchase it from Testnegative.

Quick Luck synthetic urine

  1. Sub Solution $85

The second of my best synthetic urine reviews is for Sub Solution. This is the brand I used until I went one step further with the upgraded formula of Quick Luck that’s already premixed. Sub Solution is Quick Luck’s predecessor. It’s a powder that you have to mix with water. So it’s a slightly slower process, and not good for on-the-job testing.

Sub Solution contains 14 chemicals found in human urine. More than enough for even the most advanced drug testing. So Sub Solution is still good enough, and $20 cheaper than Quick Luck.

You’ll also get the heat activator powder with Sub Solution, but you don’t get the heat pads, not that I really think they are needed. However, some people like to practice with them, or like the reassurance of being able to strap one to the sample and keep it warm for the journey.

But generally, Sub Solution has been the top-selling brand, the most reliable and trusted best synthetic urine for several years now, head and shoulders above the rest. It’s only because clear choice added Quick Luck to their range, with its slightly updated formula and premixed nature, that I put Sub Solution second place.

For more info on the product, please check out my Sub Solution synthetic urine review.

synthetic urine review

  1. Quick Fix $39

The third best synthetic urine I’m reviewing here is Quick Fix. This is a real step down from Sub Solution though, and I want you to be aware of that. It’s right down there in the budget bracket, costing half the price of Sub Solution at around $40.

It could work out even cheaper, with the standard Quick Fix product costing $30. $40 is the cost of the plus product, which contains an additional fluid ounce of liquid. I’d recommend you get the additional fluid ounce, just in case the lab only accepts a larger sample size.

It contains the basics, urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It looks like the real thing to a degree, but not as closely Sub Solution or Quick Luck.

Quick Fix comes ready-mixed, which is actually a plus point compared to Sub Solution. The heat pad is also pretty good value and seems quite reliable when I’ve tested it over several hours.

So Quick Fix is brilliant for passing basic pre-employment drug tests. You know the really cheap ones where they don’t really care that much, and neither do you. You can read my in-depth review here.

For anything more advanced, Quick Luck or Sub Solution are definitely the way to go. However, if you’re on a budget, don’t care, or you know it’s definitely a cheap drug test, you will be actually fine unless you come up against more invasive validity testing, or a particularly visually inquisitive lab assistant.

synthetic urine kit

  1. Monkey Whizz $39

In the last place is Monkey Whizz. It was actually a close call between Monkey Whizz and Quick Fix. I went for Quick Fix in third place because I know someone who has actually used it recently and passed a drug test using it.

I know a guy online used Monkey Whizz, but that was 18 months ago. But in terms of the formula, it’s almost identical to Quick Fix. In fact, visually, I actually think Monkey Whizz is slightly more amber, slightly more realistic to look at than Quick Fix is, but perhaps that’s just a matter of my personal taste.

Another thing about Monkey Whizz is that it’s not the name of the urine. Monkey Whizz is the name of the synthetic urine belt product, where you get urine, and a dispensing belt, which costs about $50.

The actual basic product is called Monkey Flask. That costs just $39, and you’ll get a vial of exactly the same premixed urine as with the Monkey Whizz belt, and a single heat pad in the package.

So Monkey Flask at $39, or even the Monkey Whizz synthetic urine belt, are both just as good as Quick Fix really in terms of the quality of the urine you’ll get. A lot of it will come down to personal choice if you are operating at the budget end of the market. If you are interested, I recently posted a detailed Monkey Whizz review.

fake pee for drug test