Chemyo: Are They Still A Legit SARMs Company?

Chemyo is one of the more popular USA-based sellers of SARMs. They’ve been around for quite a while, and have a good reputation.

But there seems to be some confusion and increasing bad feedback around Chemyo, so what’s the deal? What I’m going to do quickly in this Chemyo review is answer the key question you really need to know: are Chemyo still legit?  Can you trust the SARMs that they sell, especially after the Chinese SARMs manufacture ban?

Who Are Chemyo?

Chemyo have sold a wide range of SARMs, both oral and injectable, for several years now.

Feedback about Chemyo on sites like Reddit and bodybuilding forums has always been good, and it’s one of the main reasons I started buying from them as well. But recently that feedback has got very negative I’ve noticed.

Up until recently, my own experiences have always been good. I’ve used them on quite a few occasions to buy or liquid SARMs to stack, including LGD-4033 and YK-11, and then later the same in capsules when they stopped selling SARMs liquid.

Things have changed dramatically recently though. Supply became good, and the quality was up there as well. However, it’s significantly gone downhill again now, for several reasons I’m going to touch on in a moment.

How Is The SARMs Quality?

The trust in any company has to be about the quality of the SARMs they send you. My last order arrived a few weeks ago completely fine, although delivery took nearly 2 weeks which is unusual and makes me wonder if they have problems with supply (which could mean problems with quality as well).

I used it for a cycle (stack of Ostarine and Cardarine for cutting) and things just weren’t like they used to be using the same SARMs from Chemyo. They felt just as potent, and after the cycle, the results spoke for themselves.

—2022 UPDATE—

I actually wrote originally in this review of Chemyo that supplies and quality were good. However, I’m updating it here with the latest evidence in 2022.

This company seems to be suffering from supply problems. I suspect it’s because of the dry-up in Chinese SARMs supply.

Either what they are getting legally out of China is poor quality or they are trying to make new/existing stock go further by watering it down in some way, or the new supply elsewhere in the world isn’t up to the same standard.

Whatever the problem is, I can state with certainty from my own experience recently at the stack using the SARMs this company makes that it just didn’t hit the spot in the way it should.

Are Chemyo Legit?

So guys, I’ve scrapped the original conclusion of this review to rewrite it for you.

Originally, Chemyo were a high-quality SARMs seller. I used several stacks of their SARMs with no problems at all.

Then, they had to supply quality problems, and that was talked about widely online. They seem to pull things back at the beginning of last year.

However, my belief is that their wholesale supplier is either not giving them good quality SARMs, or the supplies drying up so they are dropping the purity by spreading out the amount they make from the raw powder they buy-in.

Or, the worst-case scenario is that this is old powder they bought in bulk just before the SARMs ban kicked in, and they are still selling it. That could mean we have potency problems. But that wouldn’t be reflected in the purity reports because they would have been done when the SARMs were originally purchased.

Overall, the conclusion of this quick review is that Chemyo is not a company that should be on your shopping list right now. There are a couple of alternatives out there though definitely do provide high-quality SARMs still, and I want to mention on to you right now.

Swiss Chems

Just like all companies, these guys went through a bad patch a couple of years back. They used to sell liquid, raw powder, injectables, and capsule SARMs, along with a lot of other peptides. Then quality and range available dipped badly, and I gave up on them for about six months.

But since the SARMs ban has kicked in, they have still managed to consistently supply high-quality SARMs capsules. They are now my number one choice for buying SARMs. The quality is still high, pricing is still good, and everything is in stock.

Not only do they sell SARMs capsules, but Swiss Chems also sell PCT supplements (generic Nolvadex and Clomid) in capsule form as well. For me, they are a strong recommendation, particularly for beginners who need exact dosing with minimal hassle.

Swisschems sarms

Rats Army

Another company who seem to still be getting supplies of good quality SARMs are called Rats Army. They sell all the main types of SARMs you would expect, nine in total. Purity is high at well over 99%. This is verified through current and independently verified lab purity reports.

More than that, they also sell PCT supplements, peptides, nootropics, and even prohormones.

So for me, Rats Army is a great destination right now for all your supplement needs. That may change, and is obviously updated news on my site should this change.

Rats Army SARMs