Chemyo: Are They Still A Legit SARMs Company?

Chemyo are one of the more popular USA-based sellers of SARMs. They’ve been around for quite a while, and have a good reputation.

But there seems to be some confusion and increasing bad feedback around Chemyo, so what’s the deal? What I’m going to do quickly in this Chemyo review is answer the key question you really need to know: are Chemyo still legit?  Cany you trust the SARMs that they sell, especially after the Chinese SARMs manufacture ban?

Who Are Chemyo?

Chemyo have sold a wide range of SARMs, both oral and injectable, for several years now.

Feedback about Chemyo on sites like Reddit and bodybuilding forums has always been good, and it’s one of the main reasons I started buying from them as well. But recently that feedback has got very negative I’ve noticed.

Up until recently, my own experiences have always been good. I’ve used them on quite a few occasions to buy or liquid SARMs to stack, including LGD-4033 and YK-11, and then later the same in capsules when they stopped selling SARMs liquid.

However, the SARMs are now back on sale and everything seems OK again. I suspect it’s supply problems due to the Chinese SARMs ban (Chinese companies can no longer make or export SARMs).

How Is The SARMs Quality?

The trust in any company has to be the quality of the SARMs they send you. My last order arrived a few weeks ago completely fine, although delivery took nearly 2 weeks which is unusual and makes me wonder if they have problems with supply (which could mean problems with quality as well).

I used it for a cycle (stack of Ostarine and Cardarine for cutting) and things just weren’t like they used to be using the same SARMs from Chemyo. They felt just as potent, and after the cycle, the results spoke for themselves.

Despite some worries, it appears that the SARMs Chemyo are getting are just as potent. I don’t know if it’s old stock, or they have found a high-quality manufacturer outside of China, but you do NOT need to worry about the quality.

Are Chemyo Legit?

But the million-dollar question has to be: are Chemyo legit?

You can still order stuff fine, it arrives, which is all good. The quality is great, and my last order arrived from them fine.

So the conclusion of his Chemyo review is that they are definitely legit. In a diminishing marketplace for SARMs of quality due to the Chinese ban, they are a company to be kept on your buy list.