Chemyo: Are They Still A Legit SARMs Company?

Chemyo is one of the more popular USA-based sellers of SARMs. They’ve been around for quite a while, and have a good reputation.

But there seems to be some confusion and increasing bad feedback around Chemyo, so what’s the deal? What I’m going to do quickly in this Chemyo review is answer the key question you really need to know: are Chemyo still legit?  Can you trust the SARMs that they sell, especially after the Chinese SARMs manufacture ban?

Who Are Chemyo?

Chemyo have been around for several years. They have a good reputation online, and alongside they simply had fantastic purity SARMs at good prices.

However, the SARMs landscape has changed dramatically in the past 18 months, especially in the USA for the following reasons:

  • Covid pandemic
  • Shutting of Ukrainian grey market labs
  • Ban on export from Russian labs
  • Closing of Chinese labs
  • Banning of export of SARMs from China
  • FDA scrutiny in the USA
  • Increased shipping costs & inflation

All of those things together knocked out 80% of the sellers that were reputable. Science, Rats Army, Proven peptides, SARMs 4 You, so many vanished quickly.

Chemyo I one of the few who have kept going. They still offer high purity, and it guaranteed through independent lab testing.

Personally, I’ve used them several times over the past two years, and now I exclusively use them to buy SARMs liquid from. They offer the best doses and the highest purity.


How Is The SARMs Quality?

If you only want high-quality SARMs that are really good purity, then Chemyo are right up there.

I took delivery within 10 days of ordering, and kicked off a bulking cycle three days later.

The results were as expected. I could feel the SARMs in my body, and I could feel them working. There were no side effects beyond the testosterone problems, and they felt exactly as they always have.

In a depleted marketplace, where choice is limited, any company offering purity guaranteed SARMs should be taken seriously. These guys are definitely good quality and I can’t recommend them enough.


Are Chemyo Legit?

Chemyo are definitely legit. I’ve ordered from them several times over the past couple of years, and the quality is premium.

Let me just mention about those large doses. Most companies will sell 30 mL dropper bottles of SARMs, whereas these guys sell 50 mL dropper bottles.

A lot of people I know are skeptical about this. They just assume that it’s a larger amount of liquid with the same level of dosing, meaning you’re not really getting any more for your money.

That’s not the truth though. You have to look at the total dose per bottle for your money and then compare it to the total dose of other companies per bottle.

Chemyo SARMs work out cheaper. You simply get more SARMs for your money buying the 50 mL dropper bottles from these guys.

With the powder it’s slightly more variable. However, that’s not just with other companies powder.

Some of the Chemyo liquid SARMs actually work out slightly cheaper than the powder. I’ve no idea why this is, but if you want to buy powder mix your own SARMs to do more cheaply, or to mix multiple SARMs into a single liquid dose, then please check the pricing.



Just like all companies, these guys went through a bad patch a couple of years back. They used to sell liquid, raw powder, injectables, and capsule SARMs, along with a lot of other peptides. Then quality and range available dipped badly, and I gave up on them for about six months.

But since the SARMs ban has kicked in, they have still managed to consistently supply high-quality SARMs capsules. They are now my number one choice for buying SARMs. The quality is still high, pricing is still good, and everything is in stock.

Not only do they sell SARMs capsules, but Swiss Chems also sell PCT supplements (generic Nolvadex and Clomid) in capsule form as well. For me, they are a strong recommendation, particularly for beginners who need exact dosing with minimal hassle.

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