Can You Rely On Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse To Pass A Drug Test?

If you’re in the market for a detox drink then Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is one of the first brands you’re going to hear about. But how good is it, and should it be your first choice for passing a drug test?

What I’m going to do here is break down everything you need to know simply, quickly, and effectively. Based on my own experiences and research, I’m going to talk you through Rescue Cleanse in detail.

I’ll tell you exactly what Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is, and how a detox drink really works (and it’s not how most people think). Then I’ll explain the choices you have for passing a drug test, and when detox drink makes sense to use.

I’ll also give you full instructions for using Rescue Cleanse, based on my own live drug testing experience, and offer you a final warning on buying any detox drink.

What Is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

You already know that Rescue Cleanse is a detox drink. It’s made by a company called Clear Choice, which has a good track record the making high-quality products to help you pass a drug test.

Rescue Cleanse has been around for more than a decade, and its formula has been updated several times. That’s always reassuring because it shows the company is updating its quality. Rescue Cleanse it is in the top three detox drinks you can buy. Ultra Eliminex and Mega clean are the other two I know definitely work.

Clear Choice also makes Sub Solution and Quick Luck. The most complex brands of fake urine on the market, and if you don’t want to use a detox drink to pass that important drug test, then either of those two fake urine products will be a great alternative strategy.

Here’s How A Detox Drink Really Works

Before I crack on with this review of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, I want to explain to you exactly how a detox drink works, because in my experience people have a huge misconception about that.

Unless you read the instructions in the small print, you could well be under the impression (like many people are) that a detox drink is a permanent detoxification product.

What I mean by that, is that people assume that once you drink it, as long as you don’t take any more drugs, you will stay clean to pass a drug test. Basically, the detox drink removes all the drug toxins from your body.

Let’s just state here, in the cold light of day, that’s obviously impossible. There will be drug toxins clinging to fat cells, in your bloodstream, caught up in your hair follicles, and simply not available to be washed out through your bladder at all.

When you drink a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, this is what actually happens:

  1. The volume of liquid flushes out your kidneys and fills your bladder quickly. You could actually do that with water; this part of the process isn’t special to the detox drink.
  2. But what’s special about detox drink is it contains diuretics and other ingredients which help to speed up the processes. You will process more urine, and therefore eliminate more toxins than water alone.
  3. The detox drink also contains the main things found in urine. The main vitamins and minerals are excreted as waste, along with creatine that excreted as creatinine. A good quality detox drink contains high volumes of these things in the correct proportions. Your body then has no choice but to pass some of each of these through as waste, filling your bladder with the same waste products as are usually present. This gets around any issues with a diluted sample.
  4. A good quality detox drink also contains ingredients that help to keep the color of your urine natural in appearance.

So as you can see, a detox drink is intelligent. Unless it’s correctly constructed, it simply won’t allow your urine to look the way it should, or to be within the correct composition range, or anything else linked to real urine.

drug detox drink


When Is Using A Detox Drink The Sensible Decision?

Having now told you how a detox drink really works, I want to talk to you about when using one becomes a sensible decision.

Now you understand how they work, let me explain the limitation of a detox drink.

It only masks the toxins. As you’ve now understood, it flushes out your bladder and keeps the fresh urine appearing natural, yet completely toxin-free. But it only does this until your body processes more toxins and they leak into your bladder.

At best, a detox drink will keep you clean for around five or six hours. But for a regular user or somebody with a fast metabolism, it could be as low as two or three hours, with 3-4 hours being the average.

So using a detox drink is only a sensible decision if you take it a couple of hours before your drug test. You then have to get there and submit your sample as quickly as possible to stand the best chance of not testing positive.

On top of that, a detox drink makes sense if it’s a supervised drug test. That’s where you will be observed. Maybe not directly, because they can’t stand in front of you and stare at your genitals, but they can be in the room, and you will not be obscured. That makes using fake urine pretty impossible.

With short notice, or if it’s supervised, or you just don’t have the balls to smuggle in a fake sample, then a detox drink is the best decision.

Instructions: How To Use Rescue Cleanse

Let’s look at the Rescue Cleanse instructions you need to follow to pass a drug test with the most certainty.

This is exactly what I did when I had to pass a drug test using Rescue Cleanse. I’ve also got a couple of friends who passed drug tests using detox drinks generally, so these instructions definitely work for the right detox drink, and if you do things the right way.

  1. The first thing to do is to stop taking drugs as soon as you know you got a drug test. The longer you can be clean, the more you will get to clean quicker. Because your body time to process toxins, and the drugs aren’t messing you up, the metabolites in your body will work their way out much quicker, and won’t be replaced. Even just 24 hours, 48 hours, three or four days, can really help by lowering the toxin levels significantly.
  2.  On an empty stomach, and a maximum of two hours before your test, I’d suggest just 90 minutes if you know you can get there in time, drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle smoothly over 15 minutes.
  3.  Over the next 45-60 minutes, do not eat or drink anything. Try and urinate three times, especially at the end of that time. This will ensure your bladder is empty, and that fresh urine coming in won’t contain toxins.
  4.  As a reassurance, buy a cheap home drug test kit and do that after the 60 minutes is up. That will tell you if Rescue Cleanse is working. If it hasn’t worked, you’d better have got a box of Sub Solution to use instead!
  5.  Then it’s a case of getting to where you are submitting your sample as quickly as possible, and doing so. As long as you submit it within a couple of hours of finishing the 60-minute process, then you should be 95% certain you will pass the drug test.

rescue cleanse instructions

My Experiences With Drug Testing And Rescue Cleanse

Everything I’ve just told you is based on my experiences using Rescue Cleanse, alongside the official instructions.

In the small print on the bottle, it actually says you should abstain from drug toxins for 14 days. The problem is you will rarely get that much time.

My advice is if you do get that much time, say you’re applying for jobs, and you can abstain, then please do. It may be that you don’t even need a detox drink, and can confidently pass your drug test after that length of time clean.

When I used Rescue Cleanse to pass a drug test, I followed the process that I’d researched and outlined to you a moment ago. It was for a job I really wanted in a new industry, and I only got five days’ notice of the interview.

As a daily weed smoker, just a couple of joints in the evening, but every day, I knew I would fail. I couldn’t risk it being supervised, even though I knew that there was a 90% chance it wouldn’t be. So for me, at that point in time, I decided a detox drink was the way forward.

I followed the instructions, and then went and took my drug test. You fill in a form, show them ID, and then you’re led into another room when the time comes. Sometimes you just go behind a screen, but I actually went into a separate little room. In actual fact, I could have used fake urine, and even prepare the sample in that room, but that’s a huge risk.

I submitted my sample into the provided sample cup, which had a temperature strip attached to the side. I handed it over, the temperature was recorded in front of me (legally it has to be recorded within two minutes of the sample being done), and I was free to leave.

I got my results back the next day, via my employer who also told me I got the position. So it worked a treat for me, and as long as you are sensible, Rescue Cleanse could work for you as well.

Things To Think About When Buying A Detox Drink

If you’re thinking about using a detox drink to pass a drug test, then you have to be very careful about the brand that you choose to use. I’ve mentioned three detox drinks, Rescue Cleanse obviously, as well as Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean.

Rescue Cleanse is a great quality detox drink that you can use on its own, preferably with at least a 48-hour detox before the day of your test.

It is cheaper and more powerful than Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean.

Mega Clean costs more than Rescue Cleanse, but if you buy it from my recommended online retailer, you’ll get it bundled up with 6 toxin rid pills. These potent detox pills allow you to do a 24-hour detox before the day of your test and push out far more toxins than you could eliminate naturally. As a combo, it makes it one of the most potent detox products around.

So in terms of where to buy Rescue Cleanse, I’d always recommend you buy it from the official Clear Choice web store.

Rescue Cleans 32Oz detox drink

By buying it from the online retailer themselves, you eliminate any margin of error. You won’t be getting out of date product, or a fake, both of which are possible if you buy from general online marketplaces like Amazon.

So the conclusion of this review is that Rescue Cleanse is a good quality detox drink, and available at a decent mid-range price.

In terms of cost-to-performance ratio, it’s definitely the best on the market, and with a 10-year record of helping people to pass a drug test, it’s certainly trustworthy.

As long as you follow the instructions I’ve laid out for you right here, and you crucially give yourself as much time toxin free before the day of your test as you can, then Rescue Cleanse is going to give you a better than 90% chance of submitting a sample that is free of drug metabolites.