Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo Still Work For Drug Tests? | Qcarbo Review

I’m going to give you an honest review of Herbal Clean Qcarbo. I feel a bit queasy when I read some of the online reviews I read about this product, because they simply aren’t true, especially not now.

Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo, otherwise known as Qcarbo 32, still work to pass a drug test?

I’m going to give you the answer that question right here in this quick analysis.

I’ll explain exactly what it is, and how a detox drink should work. On top of that, I’ll give you full instructions for using Qcarbo detox to try and pass a drug test.

Then we will compare this detox drink to the opposition out there, and finish by telling you how to safely buy any detox drink online without getting ripped off.

What Is Herbal Clean Qcarbo Exactly?

Qcarbo is a detox drink. When we are talking about Qcarbo, we are actually referring to the 32 fluid ounce size known as Qcarbo32.

Herbal Clean is the company that makes it, and they also make Qcarbo16, which as you probably guessed, is a smaller 16 fluid ounces size. Other than that, it’s identical.

My advice is to ignore the 16 fluid ounces size completely. Unless you are a six-stone girl then it’s just not going to contain enough liquid and potency to flush out the toxins in your body.

For me, the same recommendation I use with any detox drink is to stick with the large 32 oz size. It gives you the biggest volume of liquid to flush out toxins, means you are swallowing very little, if any, additional water, and gives you the biggest flood of contents to balance your urine.

How A Detox Drink Really Works

Now you understand a bit more about what exactly Qcarbo32 is, let’s continue by talking about how a drug detox drink really works because it’s not actually as most people think.

I’ll be honest, Qcarbo detox drink instructions on the side of the bottle allude to untruth as well which reinforces the popular opinion that is very wrong. The crucial line is “when cleansing your system it’s important to drink as much water daily as possible”.

The implication is that when you use this detox drink, it’s somehow permanent, and drinking water helps to maintain that complete detoxification.

But the truth is that it doesn’t matter how much water you drink, over how many days, Qcarbo only actually works for a few hours after you drink it.

Let me spell out: detox drinks are not permanent detoxification.

This is what happens when you drink a detox drink:

1. The volume of liquid flushes through your system, pushing more urine into your bladder. Obviously, the more liquid, the longer it takes, and the more toxins that get dragged through with it. That’s why the larger the bottle of detox drink you buy, the better, because you won’t need excess water which can dilute your sample.

2. The second thing a detox drink does is to help you urinate more, by containing diuretics. This is crucial because it helps you to flood the toxins out more quickly and thoroughly.

3. The third thing a detox drink does is to flood your body with things found in human urine. It does this in such quantities that some are passed through your kidneys as waste, ending up in your urine in a balanced manner. So even though you have been flushed through, you will still submit a sample that appears to be completely normal and natural.

4. A good quality detox drink also contains several ingredients that help to keep the color of your urine appearing natural. This is crucial, because a good lab technician will hold a sample up the light to try and spot a fake sample.

So let’s be clear, Qcarbo is being a little misleading in stating that it’s part of an ongoing cleanse, a detox drink simply doesn’t do that.

All a detox drink does is mask the fact you have toxins in your body for a few hours. If you’re lucky, you’ll get five hours clean, before toxins start leaking into your body again.

The only way you can offset this is by doing a natural detox before the day of your test. That does mean drinking plenty of water and abstaining, and then using the detox drink on the day itself.

Doing a detox before the day of your test, leaves fewer toxins in your body, meaning there will be less to leak into your urine. That should give you a long time clean, but it won’t guarantee that you have no toxins left in your body at all.

Qcarbo Drug Test Instructions For Use

Now we’ve cracked exactly what a detox drink like Qcarbo is meant to do, let’s give you the full instructions for using it:

1. As I’ve already said, you’ll want to abstain from toxins entering your body for as long as possible before the day you use the detox drink. That means not taking drugs, abstaining from alcohol, eating well, sleeping well, and drinking plenty of water. This will help to eliminate the toxins in your body faster, and leaves less work for the detox drink on the day of your test. 24 hours is an absolute minimum, 48 hours is best, but to really help your body you want to do it for seven days before your drug test.

2. 90 minutes before you have to submit your sample, drink the contents of the detox drink bottle for about 15 minutes. You won’t need to drink any additional water when using Qcarbo, which is good because the more accessible it has to drink, the surer the sign it’s a poor quality detox drink (although that’s not the whole story).

3. Over the next hour you need to urinate as frequently as possible. Three times is an absolute minimum, and you want to be doing a good one just before you leave to submit your sample. That will ensure that the fresh urine entering your bladder, the urine you are going to submit, stands the best chance of being totally fresh, and toxin free.

4. You then need to get to the test center location, and submit your sample as quickly as possible. If you’ve done at least a 48 hour detox, with moderate toxin exposure, and the detox drink is good quality, you should be clean for up to 5 hours. In my experience though, it can be a couple of hours or even less if you are a regular daily weed smoker.

qcarbo drug test  instructions

How Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo Detox Drink Stack Up Against The Opposition?

So how does the quality of Herbal Clean Qcarbo stack up against other detox drinks?

Its main competitors are Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean. There are others, but those two I know have the largest market share and are also proven in my own experience to definitely work (through actual drug tests, friends, and testing at home).

From my own drug testing at home, using home drug test kits, Qcarbo32 didn’t work for me. I’m a regular daily weed smoker, and despite the 48-hour detox, and following the instructions precisely, I tested positive one hour after drinking it, and two hours after drinking it.

Looking online, you’ll see a similar story, so I’m not convinced it’s that good, and it wouldn’t work for me when I tested it.

Rescue Cleanse worked for me using home drug test kits. I’ve also used Mega Clean in real drug tests (although admittedly Mega Clean was using the six pre-rid pills it bundled up with from Test Clear).

Does Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 work? I think it’s better than nothing, but it would not be my first choice if I was using a detox drink now to pass a drug test.

qcarbo alternatives

Conclusion: Does Qcarbo Work?

So my conclusion here is that Qcarbo detox drink might work. But only if you do a detox before the day of your test, and only if you use the larger size. With a bit of luck, it might work. There’s nothing else available, go for it.

But with Qcarbo costing around $50 from GNC, Amazon, and Walmart, I feel there are far better alternatives out there. The bottom line at the end here is simple. If you can’t get your hands on anything else, use it. If you can, don’t.

A quick word of warning about buying detox drinks, or synthetic urine, from Amazon or eBay.Amazon and eBay, or even other marketplace websites where third-party sellers proliferate, are dangerous to buy these products from.

The reason is that you will get a high level of fakes, or old stock could even be out of date, and for sale. The prices may seem good, but the quality will be poor, or non-existent. Unless you can buy Qcarbo from Walmart or GNC, then I wouldn’t recommend buying it anywhere else.

In terms of other detox drinks or fake urine products, I’d always recommend you stick with authorized resellers or buy directly from the company that makes it.

Here Are My Two Better Alternatives To Use To Pass A Drug Test

As we have now established, Qcarbo is definitely not the best detox drink on the market. Even the large 30 to fluid ounce size does not have the potency and balance to give you the guarantees you need.

For me, you got three better options for detox drinks:

  • Rescue Cleanse
  • Mega Clean

Rescue Cleanse is a great mid-price brand, coming in at $55, only slightly more expensive than Qcarbo, but it is definitely the most potent detox drink on the market today. It’s actually also made by Clear Choice the same brand that makes the best synthetic urine on the market, Sub Solution.

Second, on the list is Mega Clean. There is a caveat to using Mega Clean, which costs $69. However, you can get it cheaper on its own. But if you buy it for $69 from test clear, then you get it bundled in with six powerful toxin rid pills.

Toxin rid is a powerful detox pill, and the six pills taken over 24 hours will allow you to push out far more toxins than you can on your own. So if you do a 48 hour detox, with toxin rid taken during the second 24 hours, then that will leave far fewer toxins on the day of your test, which means Mega clean will work fine. Put together, it’s a powerful combo.

buy mega clean cleansing drinks

An even better alternative than a detox drink in terms of chances of passing is to use high-quality fake urine like Sub Solution.

Sub Solution, or it’s upgraded brother quick Luck, are so complex that they will pass almost any level of scrutiny.

On top of that, both of them use heat activator powder rather than a heating pad to keep them warm. This gets around the biggest reason people fail using fake urine, by allowing you close control over the temperature up until you submit it. To learn more about using fake urine click here, to purchase Sub Solution, visit testnegative.

So the conclusion here is if you’ve got nothing else, you can grab a bottle of Qcarbo32 detox and stand a better chance of passing than just using water. However, there are far better options out there both in terms of detox drinks, and using a completely different strategy entirely.