Ladies: You To Can Use Fake Pee For A Drug Test – Here’s How

There’s tons of advice out there about passing a urine drug test, but most of it is aimed at guys.

I don’t really think it’s sexism at work here. I think it’s just that it’s the case that perhaps more men historically have taken drugs and have been working in industries drug testing has been prevalent.

However, things are definitely changing. So I’ve put together a quick guide here on how to use fake pee for drug tests a female.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to pass that drug test, including the exact cast-iron strategies you can use.

Here’s What Happens When You Go For A Urine Drug Test

Whether you are male or female, here’s what happens when you go for a urine drug test somewhere like LabCorp or Quest, or another professional drug testing company:

  1. When you rock up at reception, they will take your details, and either there, or the person conducting the test, will check your ID and verify you are that person.
  2. In some city center locations for LabCorp, you may have a remote check-in where the ID and you are verified via a machine. This is specific to them though, I’m not aware of other companies automating check-in.
  3. Unless it’s for rare circumstances, like law enforcement, or it’s a retest, then it will be unsupervised. They may make you leave your bag and co-outside, and they are allowed to pat down clothing to check for suspicious bumps. They can’t strip search you or touch you intimately though.
  4. You will pee into a cup, which will have a temperature strip on the side. You’ll then hand it over, and within four minutes of you completing the sample they have to test it to check it is within the valid temperature range for submission (between 90°F and 100°F). The only difference between male and female submission is the natural urinating position during the process.
  5. If everything is okay, the person who commissioned the test should be told if you have passed or failed within about 24 hours. If it takes longer than that, then it could well be that your sample has been flagged as unusual and is undergoing a high level of scrutiny.

labcorp pre employment drug test

How Can A Female Pass A Drug Test Using Someone Else’s Urine?

Some people do smuggle in samples of urine that don’t belong to them. But keeping it within the right temperature range is a nightmare, and that’s no different for men or women. For me, when it comes to answering the question of how can a female pass a drug test using someone else’s urine, my simple advice is not to.

As you are about to read, there are far better alternatives out there with a higher chance of success.

Is Drug Testing Different For Men And Women

The only difference between men and women for drug testing purposes is the position in which you submit the sample. There is no DNA analysis, they can’t tell if you are a man or a woman from the sample you submit.

So don’t get caught up on your sex. There are special female synthetic urine kits, but these are more expensive and completely useless. It’s not relevant in how you could potentially avoid failing by submitting a fake sample instead. I’ll explain more shortly.

How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test (Female)

 People get caught up in keeping urine warm for drug tests as men or women.

The truth is that keeping it warm as a female is no different to keeping it warm as a male. I’m going to be blunt here, I think people are under the impression that they should be inserting the sample into the vagina to transport it. That’s nearly always not a good idea.

So in terms of keeping it warm, it’s no different for men or women. You will get the fake urine and strap a heat pad to it if you are using traditional and cheaper fake urine products.

You’ll then strap that sample to your body to transport it. That will give it some heat, but it’s mainly from the heat pad. So overall, it’s relevant if you are male or female.

how to use fake pee for drug test female

How To Sneak Urine Into A Drug Test (Female Tips)

Let’s talk about how you can sneak urine into a drug test as a female. Here are the methods you can use, and mostly they are the same for men and women:

  1. If you are using fake urine with a heat pad then you will need to tuck it between two sets of underwear. This will keep it secure and in an area of the body, they can’t directly touch if they do pat you down.
  2. If it’s fake urine that doesn’t involve a heating pad, then you will literally just be transporting the heated liquid into the room you will submit it in. This means you could just put it in your pocket if you know you are going to be searched, but you can never be certain of that.
  3. As a female, you have the additional option of tucking the sample into your bra. This is not easy, but it can be done.
  4. Of course, you can do as I have mentioned earlier and push the sample container into your vagina. This would obviously mean you need a sample container that will comfortably fit, and you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t slip out. Overall, I think this is a really poor strategy though, and unsupervised drug testing is completely unnecessary.
  5. You can also buy fake urine belts. These are filled with fake urine and then use on a dispensing tap. Whether you are male or female, you can then use the tap to dispense the urine into the sample container.

Two Best Products For Passing A Drug Test That Work For Both Men And Women

Look, I know a lot of the guides online on how to use fake urine for drug test are not female orientated,  but a lot of the reason for them being general or aimed more at men is that there is no real difference in the methods used. Unless you are going to use the nuclear option of inserting inside the sample yourself, then every other method is exactly the same.

Let’s look at how you can pass a drug test if a female, using exactly the same products you can use if you are male.

  1. Sub Solution

Fake urine mimics real urine very closely. If you get a good brand, then unless it goes to a higher level of scrutiny, you will pass. Please just make sure you don’t use poor-quality brands. U-Pass, Xstream, and Magnum are the three brands that have a horrid track record now.

In fact, most brands will fail purely because they contain biocide preservatives. It’s strongly rumored that the big testing labs now detect the presence of biocide in their initial validity tests.

The brand I would recommend is Sub Solution. There are several reasons why this is the case:

  • It’s chemically complex (14 chemicals found in real urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity in the same way as human urine
  • Looks, smells, froths like real urine
  • Don’t use a heat pad to keep the sample warm
  • The formula is updated annually

When it comes to sneaking a sample in and keeping it within the correct temperature range as a man or woman, Sub Solution excels.

You don’t have to heat the sample in a microwave, and you don’t need to use a heat pad to keep the sample warm. Both of those things make the temperature variable and raise the chance of you failing.

Sub solution uses heat activator powder. You simply tap some of them in just before you enter the building to submit your sample and shake it. This agitation of the liquid interacts with the fake urine sample to warm it up. Keep doing it until the temperature is within the correct temperature range. Sub Solution is not available in regular smoke shops, you must order it online. My advice is to order it straight from the manufacturer.

 female synthetic urine kit

  1. Quick Fix

Quick Fix is a more basic fake urine product. But it doesn’t contain biocide and it still has a good pass rate.

At one-third of the price of sub solution, it’s a great budget option if you don’t have the money, or you simply don’t care much about the test. Ideal for cheap pre-employment drug tests, Quick Fix is plenty good enough for basic drug testing, even in 2022.

It does use a heat pad though. This means it will be bulkier to smuggle into the test center.

However, it’s a good quality heat pad, and as long as you warm the sample with a microwave when you prepare it, it should be good enough to keep it within the temperature range required.

Quick Fix is cheap, you can purchase it for $39, but it only really be used if you don’t care about the drug test, or Sub Solution isn’t available though. Overall then, learning had sneak urine into a drug test is a female is really no different from doing it as a male, and the methods to pass using fake urine are exactly the same.