Detoxify Mega Clean Review: Does It Still Work In 2022?

Mega Clean has been an incredibly popular detox drink, even available at Walmart. In this Mega Clean detox review though, I’m going to answer the question around does Mega Clean work still?

There are a few other potent detox drinks out there with great track records, so how does Mega Clean stack up against them, and is it still worth buying?

I’m going to give you details of how a detox drink works, how Mega Clean fits into the Detoxify product range, full Mega Clean instructions to use it successfully, and I’ll compare it in detail to another popular detox drink. As well as all that I’m going to talk to you about pre-rid supplements and also give you the names of a couple of other detox drinks that I’ve used myself to pass pre-employment drug tests in the past.

Detoxify Drinks Explained

There are quite a few detox drinks made by a company called Detoxify. They are all red, have similar lettering, and have similar names, which can be really confusing for people.

But the two I want to quickly talk about are Mega Clean and Mega Clean NT. Everything else is not worth worrying about, because they are either not powerful enough, or too expensive while offering no more benefits.

The thing is, some people do get confused about the differences between those two. Mega Clean is the standard drink, and NT is exactly the same but bundled up with three pre-rid pills. For me, this is not a good deal.

You’re better off buying Mega Clean elsewhere, where it can be bundled up with pre-rid pills that are far more effective.

How Mega Clean Cleansing Drink Works

So let’s explain how Mega Clean cleansing drink works, and it’s not how a lot of people think.

A detox drink doesn’t clear out the toxins from your body permanently. A powerful detox drink will flush out the toxins that are in your urine, leaving the fresh urine coming into your bladder free of toxins for just a few hours.

At the same time, it does that, the detox liquid floods the body with things found in urine. Because there is such a rush of these minerals, nutrients, and creatine which is converted into creatinine that’s always found in urine, the body processes and passes them through as waste, meaning that the fresh urine will be balanced and appear natural.

A lot of detox drinks can’t do this effectively and don’t give the balance. But Mega Clean is one of the very few out there that can give you a naturally clean sample for up to 5 hours.

How does mega clean work

Mega Clean Review: Instructions

 To use this detox drink effectively, you not only have to follow the Mega Clean instructions as stated on the bottle, but you also have to do a couple of other things to really get the most out of it.

Mega Clean instructions are:

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  1. Try and do at least a 48 hour detox before the day of your drug test. This means drinking lots of water, sweating, eating good food, cutting out the rubbish, and abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. If you can’t manage 48 hours, at least try and do 24 hours, anything is better than nothing. But on its own, with light toxin exposure, say you had a couple of joints three days ago, Mega Clean on its own could just be good enough, but it’s far less certain.
  1. Drink the contents of the Mega Clean cleansing drink bottle for about 30 minutes. During that time and in the hour afterward, make sure you urinate as frequently as possible to get rid of the toxins in your existing urine and allow space in your bladder for the fresh urine to form.
  2. Always make sure you buy home drug test kits when you buy the detox drink (if you have time obviously). Test yourself before you leave to submit your sample. If you fail, you need an alternative, and high-quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution is a good product to consider.


Mega Clean detox

Does Detoxify Mega Clean Work For A Drug Test?

Does Mega Clean work? It certainly does, as long as you follow the instructions I’ve given you above.

It’s not the most potent detox drink out there, but do at least a 24-hour detox before your test day, then unless you’ve got really high toxin exposure, then that should get rid of enough toxins to lower the levels Mega Clean cleansing drink has to deal with.

If possible, use detox pills, and I’ll talk to you about detox pills (otherwise known as pre-rid pills) in a moment.

But Mega Clean works, as long as you don’t just use it on its own with no preparation.

Mega Clean Vs Xxtra Clean

Mega Clean and Xxtra Clean are actually the same formulae. The only difference between them is that Mega Clean is a 32oz bottle, versus a 20oz bottle. Mega Clean is more expensive, but it’s more potent because there is far more liquid detox drink in it.

If you have a very small body size, and low toxin exposure levels, you’re not a regular smoker, or anything like that, then Xxtra Clean could be enough, but again, only if you can do at least a 24 hour detox.

For me, for the little extra money it costs, I’d always just go for Mega Clean because you get the most powerful solution which will help you no matter who you are.

Where To Buy The Best Mega Clean Detox Deal

Now, look, just a word of warning here before I tell you where to buy Mega Clean.

Don’t buy Mega Clean from Walmart, or any other big retailer where you can only buy it on its own. You don’t get the bundled pre-rid pills with it, which makes it more likely to fail you.

Also, as a side note, avoid weak detox drinks. Magnum, Champ flush, Stinger detox, are just three brands I would never recommend because I tested them all myself and they have all failed. Stick to the brands I’m talking to you about in this review of Mega Clean and you will be okay.

For me, the best place to buy Mega Clean is from TestClear. These guys also make toxin rid pre-rid pills, the most powerful detox pills you can buy. That costs $69.99 for what is a very potent bundle.

Mega Clean from this company is bundled up free with six Toxin Rid pre-rid pills. So remember that 24 hour detox I told you to do, use these pills during that time, and they will push out far more toxins than you can naturally. That leaves Mega Clean fewer toxins to deal with on the day of your test, and the flow of toxins into your bladder will be lower as well.

Where to buy Mega Clean

Alternative Detox Drinks & Pre-Rid Supplements

If you can’t get your hands on Mega Clean, or you want an alternative, then I would recommend Rescue Cleanse.

Both of these are potent detox drinks on their own, more potent than Mega Clean if I’m honest. Although Mega Clean cleansing drink with the pre-rid pills makes it just as powerful.

Either of these will be a great solution, but whatever detox drink you choose from the three, just make sure you do the 24-hour detox with the pre-rid supplement unless you are literally desperate and don’t have time.

So I just want to finish this Mega Clean detox review by talking to you about the pre-rid supplements that will really push out more toxins during that 24-48 hour detox.

Mega Clean alternatives

  1. The Toxin Rid pre-rid pills you get with Mega Clean for $69 will be good enough to push out enough toxins to make it a great combination, unless you have very high toxin levels in your body (like smoking multiple joints per day).
  2. A more powerful solution is a one or today course of Toxin Rid. These cost a lot more money though as the single-day course costs $60 on its own. They contain more pills and the six free ones though, and you will push out far more toxins before you use a detox drink on the day of your test.
  3. If you have five days (although to use the full course of pills you’ll need eight days) Rescue 5 Day Detox is another great product, costing just $60. They aren’t as powerful as Toxin Rid, but if you have seven days before your test, then these are the great-value way to push out possibly all the toxins before the day, leaving Mega Clean with virtually no work to do.
  4. The last alternative pre-rid supplement I will give you is using Mega Clean is another multiple-day options. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula isn’t powerful, and you’re meant to just take it as an ongoing supplement to push out more toxins naturally. But if you’ve got a week to spare, up the dose, and these will push out far more toxins than you can naturally, and alongside the Mega Clean cleansing drink combo deal of told about, it’s an incredibly powerful option.