Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how this website (UPS Bodybuilding) collects, manages, and uses any data supplied.

It outlines the data that is collected, how it is stored, how it’s processed, how it’s used, and how much personally identifiable data is retained.

This privacy policy also outlines your rights over the data submitted, and how to claim those rights.

This privacy policy is governed by the laws of the United States, but we do aim to also comply with the spirit of other global legislation such as GDPR in how we deal with data and requests around it.

The Data That This Website Collects

The great news is that because this is a personal website, not a lot of data is collected at all, and hardly any of that is personal or identifiable data.

The types of data that we collect from visitors is as follows:

  • IP addresses are collected on visiting and navigating around the site
  • IP addresses are collected when you submit a comment form
  • IP addresses are collected when a contact form is submitted
  • browser information is collected on visiting and navigating around the site
  • personally identifiable information supplied by you is collected on the contact form
  • IP addresses are collected by third-party websites using affiliate links on this site

It’s important to state here that no personally identifiable information is collected by this website unless submitted by you through contacting us directly and including that information.

How Collected Data Is Stored & Protected

The data that we collect is stored in the following ways:

1. It is stored on our Webserver. This is in the form of server logs which record visitor information, limited to an IP address and the browser that they access the site through.

2. The same IP and browser information is also sent to, and stored on analytical software. In addition, the pages visited, and the time spent on each page, along with any interaction on the page such as clicks (and where those clicks go) are also stored on third-party analytical software for analysis to help improve the site.

3. Data submitted through comments, including IP address and an email address, are stored in the website database, as well as the actual comment text (and any names submitted) being displayed on the site.

4. When you send a message to us via the on-site contact form, data is not stored in the on-site database. Instead, all of the submitted information, including IP address, are sent to us in email format. We store that email on our official website account email server, until that request has been dealt with.

Our website is protected with standard server software, secure password practices, compliance with relevant data protection legislation, and on-site software including dedicated security suite software.

However, no data is truly secure, and we cannot 100% guarantee the safety of any data on our server at all. The only way to totally eradicate the chances of any data submitted from being stolen by a 3rd party is to not submit it, meaning you should cease using this website with immediate effect.

How Collected Data Is Processed

Information sent through the contact form is only retained by us for as long as it takes to deal with the email itself. On completion of the discussion, we delete the message. After 30 days, it’s deleted from the server.

Website comments are retained indefinitely. If you wish to assert your rights to be forgotten under GDPR, then you can request for these comments to be deleted.

Information stored on our Webserver, and sent to third-party analytical software, is kept for as long as needed for us to use it to manage the site better, and analyze how our visitors use the site.

Your Rights Over The Data We Hold

This website is hosted in the USA, and we are therefore bound by all data protection laws in that jurisdiction.

However, we do try to uphold data privacy laws from around the world, especially the EU GDPR legislation. To that effect, we will look at data rates requests within the light of the location that the person who’s data it is resides.

Having said that, we reserve the right to act wholly within USA data protection laws, and to ignore any non-applicable foreign legislation as we see fit.

Please note that we do not actually retain or use any personally identifiable information unless you submit it. The only way IP address can be pinned to you is if it’s a static IP address that is linked to personally identifiable domain or Webserver.

Cookie Policy

This website uses essential cookies to run functionality that benefits both customers and ourselves.

Essential cookies help to log sessions, for example if you submit a comment, a cookie is stored on your computer that allows you to submit another one without going through any verification process again.

No non-essential cookies are used, and we do not run a membership program. No tracking cookies are used either.

To delete any cookies from this website, simply search Google for instructions on how to delete cookies from the web browser that you use.

Cookies are also used for affiliate links. However, they come under our affiliate link policy due to the fact that they are cookies sent by third-party websites, and are not sent to your browser from this website.

Third-Party & Affiliate Link Policy

This website contains third-party outbound links. That means that when you click on a link it will take you to another website, not another page on this website.

Third-party links to other websites lead to pages that do not belong to us. They are therefore bound by that site’s terms, privacy, cookie, and other policies defined by them, and not maintained by us.

Some of the links on this website are also affiliate links. When you click one, a cookie is placed on your computer. This cookie can last a variable amount of time, from 30 days, through to a lifetime cookie (lasts until deleted). If you visit the site links to during the time the cookie lasts and buy something, we receive a percentage of the sale to help from this website.

These affiliate links and cookies are governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the affiliate site link to. After clicking the link, before proceeding, you should make yourself familiar with these policies in case you don’t want to proceed to use that website.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

Changes to this privacy policy are always published here on the website’s privacy policy page.

Please visit this page frequently to ensure that you are up to date with the latest copy of this policy, and if at any stage you do not agree with the terms of this privacy policy, please desist from using the site again.