Quick Luck Review 2023: Even Better Than Sub Solution?

In this Quick Luck synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you about the new top-dog on the market. I’ve used Sub Solution to pass a drug test, but quick luck is even better. I’ll be switching to it soon, and I want to explain exactly why I’m making that decision, so you can make a better choice yourself.

I’ll explain why Sub Solution and Quick Luck are the best brands out there, what they contain, how the heat activator powder is a game-changer, and the number one reason why you should be using them instead of any other type of fake urine out there.

I’ll also give you the number one reason why people fail drug tests, and how Quick Luck completely eradicates the problem. It’s perfect for pre-employment drug testing, and even on-the-spot drug testing at a moment’s notice, and I’ll talk you through all that right now in this five-minute review of Quick Luck.

From Sub Solution…To Quick Luck

So I said in the previous post I wanted to do a Quick Luck synthetic urine review. Full disclosure here, I haven’t used it to pass a live drug test, but I have used Sub Solution, and Quick Luck is an upgrade.

Sub Solution is the number one brand of fake urine. It contains 11 chemical compounds found in real urine, it looks, smells, and froths like real urine, and it’s got a brilliant track record. But Quick Luck takes things up a notch, and in this review of Quick Luck I want to tell you exactly why it’s better than Sub Solution, and why it’s going to be what I switch to in the near future.

bottle of synthetic urine

Fake Urine And The Biocide Problem

Before I tell you why Quick Luck is so versatile and powerful, I want to tell you about the biocide problem.

A couple of years ago, things changed. I noticed this while I was researching moving from Quick Fix to Sub Solution. There were more and more people saying that synthetic urine was failing drug tests.

These are brands that had been fine for passing drug tests up until that point. You could write some of these people of as fakes trying to push another product, and others as idiots who messed up the temperature of the sample.

Undeniably, overall, the volume of reported failures increased though. It turns out that most fake urine brands, the premixed ones especially, contain something called biocide, which is a type of preservative. The rumor is that labs had worked out that the common denominator of most fake urine samples was the presence of biocide, so they have started to test for it. That makes sense to me, it’s what I would do.

I also know from my research that Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocide. That’s been confirmed by Clear Choice, the company that makes it. They have also confirmed that Quick Luck doesn’t contain biocide either. So by using either of these top products you get around the problem of biocide.

Sub Solution vs Quick Luck

Clear Choice Quick Luck Review

So Quick Luck doesn’t contain biocide, but it’s also a significant upgrade on the Sub Solution formula.

As I said, Sub Solution contains 11 chemicals found in real human urine. Quick Luck contains all of those chemicals, and it’s been upgraded and re-balanced It’s literally the most complex formula out there.

Also, Quick Luck has been formulated based on the latest research and feedback to Clear Choice, the company that makes it. So what you’re getting with this Clear Choice urine product is the ultimate in formula and reaction to current drug testing trends.

Plus, importantly, it’s also premixed. Sub solution is a powder, but with quick luck, you get a formula that is premixed and instant to use.

In the Quick Luck kit you get the following:

  • Vial of premixed Quick Luck urine
  • A small container of heat activator powder
  • Pair of high-quality air activated heat pads
  • Very reliable temperature strip
  • Full instructions

So you getting everything you would get with Sub Solution, but you’re getting a more complex formula.

You are also getting a pair of heat pads. You may not need those. Sub Solution doesn’t come with heat pads, and the heat activator powder should be enough. But they give you another option if you want to prepare the sample in advance and keep it warm while you transport it.

But the big point here on top of the complexity is the fact that it’s premixed. Compared to Sub Solution, which is a powder, that’s a game-changer.

Imagine you are a delivery driver. You face on-the-spot drug testing, so you keep Quick Luck in your car. When you get back to the depot, you are told to go upstairs to submit a sample. You pop back in your cab, tap in the heat activator powder, agitate the liquid, and within as little as one minute, you’ve got a clean sample to submit.

Instructions: How To Use Quick Luck

The instructions on how to use Quick Luck are even more simple than Sub Solution, and I’m telling you that there are absolutely easy, anyone can do it.

But just in case you want the details, here’s how to use Quick Luck:

  1. Because Quick Luck is premixed, you don’t even need to add water to the powder as you do with Sub Solution. It’s ready to rock.
  2. When you need to warm it up, all you have to do is tap in about one third of the heat activator powder. You’ve actually got three strategies here. Firstly, you can leave the sample cool, and tap in the heat activator powder just before you go into the place you are submitting your sample at. Secondly, you could use heat activator powder to get the sample warm, and then keep it warm using one of the high-quality air-activated heat pads. Thirdly, it could bypass using the heat activator powder at all. You could just let the heat pad warm the sample (although that will take about one hour), or you could microwave it for a few seconds and then maintain the heat with the heat pad. So as you can see, you’ve got all the possible options to get that temperature right and keep it right. Whichever way you choose to do it, you are guaranteed to submit a valid sample.
  3. Whether you heat it or not, always take the sample to the lab tucked into your underwear. Not only will that be somewhere that they won’t notice it, especially if you wear baggy jogging bottoms, but also it will keep it really close to your skin in a hot area of the body, which will leave the heat activator powder, and/or the heat pads, less work to do.

So that’s how easy it is to learn how to use Quick Luck to pass a drug test. It really is the ultimate in convenience, and because it’s premixed it’s even better than Sub Solution.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

I just want to put everything together about Quick Luck against Sub Solution at this point of the review, so you can be really clear on who wins the battle of Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is brilliant, I’ve used myself to pass a real drug test, and as I’ve got another box already if I face a drug test in the next year or so, I’ll use it. It’s complex, and as long as you’ve got the time to mix it, you are guaranteed to pass as long as you are not an idiot with the temperature.

But Sub Solution is not as complex as Quick Luck. Quick Luck also doesn’t need mixing with water, so you can prepare it without access to water. Plus, you get multiple ways of heating and maintaining the sample temperature.

Quick Luck costs $100, by far the most expensive synthetic urine product you can buy. But you are getting the best quality product as well. If the drug test you’re going for is important, as long as you’ve got $100, spend it. That’s the best advice I give.

Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic urine

Where To Buy Quick Luck

When it comes to buying Quick Luck, the only place I would ever recommend you buy it is from the Clear Choice web store (based in the USA, but they do ship globally, although shipping can be costly).

So using Quick Luck is a no-brainer really. But I want to finish this Quick Luck synthetic urine review by telling you about an even better combination deal that will give you literally the ultimate chance of passing a drug test.

Clear Choice makes something called the practice kit. It contains everything that Quick Luck does apart from the urine. So you can substitute water and practice with the heat activator powder, and heat pads.

That allows you to prepare samples in advance, see how the heat activator powder works, how long you can maintain the temperature for, and everything you need to know to get expertise before the day of your test.

The only costs $30 if you buy it in combination with Quick Luck, there’s a deal price on the Clear Choice webstore.

So for $130 you can get the ultimate fake urine brand, and learn exactly how to prepare it and transport it in advance, which will give you a 99% guarantee of passing even the most scrutinizing of urinalysis test.