Are Rescue Detox 5 Day Reviews Accurate: Clean In Just 5 Days?

Rescue 5 Day Detox reviews are mostly positive, and also in my experience, it does get you clean much faster than you can naturally to pass a drug test. So how exactly does Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent work, how fast can you get clean, and is there anything else you need to do to pass a drug test?

In this quick guide, in five minutes I’m going to answer all those questions, as well as compare Rescue 5 Day Detox to the top brand of detox pill out there so you can make the best decision on which is best for you.

What Is Rescue Detox 5 Day Permanent?

Rescue 5 Day Detox, as the name obviously implies, is a course of detox pills that aims to get you clean in five days. However, you have to be a bit careful here, because not everybody can get clean in five days, and the truth is that the pills aren’t taken over just five days.

There are some things you have to factor into how quickly you can get clean using a combination of natural detox and detox pills:

  • Your age
  • Your metabolism
  • State of health
  • Amount of drugs you have taken
  • Frequency of taking drugs
  • The quality and sort of drugs
  • How much you exercise
  • Your diet and water intake

If you are only taking drugs once a week then you won’t need to use detox pills anyway. If you are a regular weed smoker, for example, say you’re smoking a joint a day, then those metabolites are building up in the fat cells in your body, and it could take as long as a month to get clean.

Rescue Detox 5 Day Permanent

How A Natural Detox Works

 You have to do a natural detox alongside detox pills like Rescue 5 Day Detox, something many Rescue 5 Day Detox reviews don’t really make clear. Some make out it’s a miracle pill course. You cannot detoxify your body properly unless you take the following steps every single day during the course of pills, and afterward until you have taken your drug test:

  • Sleep well
  • Keep away from all toxins including caffeine, alcohol, and drugs
  • Exercise every day and sweat
  • Drink tons of water
  • Eat healthy foods and cut out all of the rubbish

The idea is to speed up your metabolism and give your body the best chance of pushing out drug toxins at the fastest rate possible. You then use the detox pills to speed up this elimination process further.

How to detox for a drug test

Rescue 5 Day Detox Instructions

 So now you understand how detox pills like Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent work, let’s talk you through the basic instructions for using them:

  1. As soon as you can abstain from toxins, even if it means stopping before you start your course of pills.
  2. The day before you start the main five day course of pills take the four headstart pills with water. Urinate frequently and begin your natural detox.
  3. Each of the main five days of the Rescue 5 Day Detox pill course, take six-morning formula pills when you get up, and six evening formula pills around 6 PM. Drink plenty of water during the day, and urinate frequently.
  4. The day after the main five day course take the four finisher formula pills with water.
  5. On the day of your drug test, which hopefully has been timed to fall within a couple of days of finishing the main course, take the eight ICE capsules with water two hours before you leave, as these act as a detox drink to mask any remaining toxins you might have.

Does Rescue 5 Day Detox Work?

So look, just like with most Rescue 5 Day Detox reviews, the conclusion of this review is that it does work, it worked for me in six days (home drug test kit tested) and I’m a daily weed smoker. But a couple of things aren’t really made clear with this detox pill. For a start, you have to abstain from toxins as early as possible, preferably ahead of even starting the course of pills.

Secondly, what’s not made clear, is it’s not a five day detox at all. You have to take pills on eight days, preferably consecutively if you include the ICE detox capsules.

So over eight days, alongside a natural detox, Rescue 5 Day Detox can be quite powerful.

Does Rescue 5 Day Detox work? Yes, but it will take up to 8 days, and if you are a chronic weed smoker then you may still need a Plan B on the day of your test. However, for lower toxin exposure, you could be clean in less than five days.

Rescue Detox 5 Day Reviews

Where To Buy Rescue 5 Day Detox

So the conclusion of this quick Rescue 5 Day Detox review is that it definitely does work, as long as you follow all the steps and are realistic about how powerful it is.

You should always have a Plan B though, and Plan B is to have a powerful THC detox drink to hand just in case you’re still testing positive just before you leave, even after taking the ICE detox capsules. The detox drinks I recommend you consider buying are Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, or Mega Clean.

The other top tip here is to make sure you buy a few home drug test kits at the same time as Rescue 5 Day Detox.

I bought Rescue 5 Day Detox from this webshop. Just like many places that sell specialist drug test avoidance products, they also sell fairly cheap five-panel home drug test kits. Get yourself two or three of those so that you can be sure towards the end of the process you are definitely clean.

Ultra Eliminex alternatives

Rescue 5 Day Detox Vs Toxin Rid

 Rescue Detox 5 Day permanent is the second-best detox pill course you can buy. It’s very affordable at $60, which means with home drug test kits and a good bottle of a detox drink as a backup, you’re only spending around  $150.

However, it’s not as potent as Toxin Rid. These are by far the most potent detox pill course you can currently buy.

But they are not cheap. The full 10-day course of Toxin Rid will cost you $190. The fewer days you buy, the proportionately cheaper it gets. I would recommend only the 7 and 10 day courses if you are a chronic user who will have a high toxin count in your body.

If you’ve got the money, or you have light toxin exposure, or you have more time before your test, then Rescue 5 Day detox will certainly speed things up by close to 50% If you want to half the time it takes to get clean, often more, then Toxin Rid is the only detox pill out there that has that power.