Where To Buy SARMs Online | How To Find The Best SARMs Source

SARMs can produce dramatic results. You may already know that, or you may be hoping to get the benefits for yourself after your first order. Dramatically increase muscle mass that’s lean and hard, fast burning of fat, tons more energy, all with low risk, apart from drops in testosterone production. But unless you know where to buy SARMs that are pure and safe, then you are playing with your health.

So what I’m going to do here is to quickly tell you about where you can find the highest quality SARMs. I’m going to tell you how to spot them, and the traits of the best SARMs sources out there.

You may find it surprising that there are very few companies out there that sell genuinely the best SARMs on the market, but if you know where to buy them then you can benefit from SARMs risk-free. So let’s get straight to it, including telling you what the top four best SARMs companies are right now.

Why Using Pure SARMs Is So Important

Using pure SARMs is really important because your health is at stake. It really is that simple, if you don’t get pure SARMs, then what are you putting in your body?

People have steered away from the now-banned prohormones and anabolic steroids because they were so damaging to your body, the messages they sent to the receptors in your body was so powerful and overwhelming that they caused a myriad of incredibly negative side effects.

If you get impure SARMs they can carry the same risks, especially if they are cut with those prohormones or steroids, and it might shock you to know that SARMs for sale both in the EU and America have been found in purity tests to contain a range of ingredients that even include anabolic steroids.

If you are new to SARMs, check out my SARMs stacking guide.

How Are The Best SARMs on The Market Made?

So now you understand why SARMs could be dangerous, and what incredibly crazy things they can be cut with, let’s tell you how to spot the highest quality SARMs, to find completely pure research chemicals that are as safe as possible for use in bodybuilding.

100% pure SARMs have the following traits and benefits:

  • They are made in high-grade lab facilities
  • The processes they use are documented and available to view
  • Companies importing those high-quality SARMs lab test them for purity as well
  • If made in the same country they are still independently lab tested before being sold
  • Pure SARMs are the only way to truly bulk up, cut fat, and dramatically increase your energy level

Where Not To Try And Find SARMs For Sale

So now we’ve talked a bit about why 100% pure SARMs are vital but actually rarer than you would think, let’s tell you where the rubbish comes from and how to avoid it.

It might surprise you to know that most SARMs in the world are made in China, or actually it probably won’t! They are made in huge factories there. They are lab grade, they are mostly safe, but you really don’t know what the quality is going to be.

That’s not the whole story though, and some SARMs are made in the EU and USA, but it’s very rare. Only one company on my list of the top four highest quality SARMs sellers provides SARMs made in the USA.

But in terms of all the Chinese SARMs, you need to steer clear of buying them from places that don’t test them for purity before selling them to you. This is where problems can occur

The other problem is unscrupulous sellers who import them from China, then cut the liquid with other rubbish, including even anabolic steroids, to bulk them up or make them more potent, to sell them on at a higher profit.

But just to help you out here, when it comes to recommending where to buy SARMs, the four sellers on my list in a minute are a great start, but you also need to know where not to buy SARMs from:

  • Unregulated marketplaces like eBay and Ali Baba are a nightmare
  • Don’t buy direct from any Chinese seller (or through third-party marketplace)
  • Watch out for drop shippers who buy from China but claim it’s from another source
  • Never buy from any website that doesn’t publish independent third-party purity reports

I’m warning you guys if you try and cut corners and prices here and you could end up in serious trouble. I’ve seen some real horror stories from reports online where SARMs have been tested for purity and some of the stuff in it would make your skin itch.

where not to buy sarms

Traits Of The Best SARMs Company

So let’s imagine a scenario where you are looking for the best SARMs company to order from. You’re looking at websites, could be in the EU or USA, and are trying to determine if they sell pure SARMs and can guarantee that.

What are the traits you have to look for to increase the chances that you will receive pure SARMs? Here’s the list that I’ve learned to check against over the years, and which forms the basis of the four reviews I’m going to do few in a moment:

  • 100% purity of the SARMs guaranteed through independent lab reports is vital
  • Those lab reports must be recent, relevant, and check out with those testing labs
  • Look for a moneyback guarantee as a reassurance
  • Look for a track record online of real people using the SARMs without problems

I can’t stress this enough, quality matters. You need the guarantee of those independent lab reports. When I say they have to be current, they could be as much as a year old because it could take a seller that long to sell a batch, but they should be relevant to what you are buying.

More than that, the company doing the independent third-party lab testing should check out as a real company. You should even think about contacting them to check they did that testing if you are buying from a company for the first time.

You’re also looking for a guarantee on the quality that includes getting your money back. That’s basically the same as any reputable company, and it’s the same with the website quality, customer service, social media presence. It’s no different for buying SARMs to buying something like a television, you’re looking for evidence that they are a proper company, trading legitimately.

Best Places To Buy SARMs Online

I hope I’ve helped you to understand a bit more about what the pitfalls are with buying SARMs, and how you can protect yourself against the worst of the problems.

Finding the best SARMs on the market is tougher than you would think though, and after several years of using them, I’ve narrowed my list of the best SARMs companies I would recommend down to just four, three in the USA, and one in Europe.

Each is similar, but each is also unique in certain ways as well. So what I’m going to do now to conclude this quick guide on where to buy SARMs is to do a detailed review of each of these best SARMs companies, so you can make a better decision on trying one or more out to evaluate how the SARMs work for you.

And just conclude here by saying that if you get 100% pure SARMs, and you back it up with a gym routine that hits new personal bests, with cardio work between sessions (yes you need to get out and run), great diet and attitude, then in just one cycle of as little as eight weeks, you will see the power in pure SARMs.

  1. Rats Army

Because of the Chinese SARMs ban (in place for more than a year now) it’s becoming harder and harder to source good quality SARMs in the USA. Companies have been dropping out all the time, including Proven Peptides who were a big player until the middle of last year. So I’m always on the lookout for newcomers and existing companies who can offer me the guarantees I need.

Rats Army are companies who tick all those boxes. Put together they offer the following:

  • Competitive prices in a rising market
  • Verified lab purity reports
  • A good range of SARMs & peptides
  • Fast domestic delivery
  • Responsive customer service
  • Good current online reviews

In terms of pricing, they are comparable to the other two places I buy from (Science and Swiss Chems). To give you an example, right now Cardarine costs $51.49 ($55 if you buy the awesome flavored versions).

Dosing is reasonable for your money as well, 20 mg/mL in a 30 mL dropper bottle for Cardarine. It’s varies depending on the different SARMs, but those dosing densities are comparable to the other companies I buy from.

More than SARMs, Rats Army also sells peptides. Different types include BPC-157 and TB-500. Again, purity is good and so is pricing. I’ll also point out that they sell prohormones. They don’t claim to sell the banned ones, but these are the newer ones (1-Andro, etc.). Not as strong as SARMs for me, but if you want to experiment with them, the purity and pricing are perfect.

So overall, if you’re looking for a new SARMs source then these are worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, and finding a SARMs company in the current environment who are obviously sourcing stocks and delivering good quality SARMs to your door is gold.

Rats ARmy SARMs

  1. Swiss Chems

 Swiss Chems are another one of the few trustworthy places that you can buy the highest quality SARMs from every single time.

They are based in the USA and they only sell the powder in capsules. They used to sell liquids but they don’t any longer. However, they do sell injectable SARMs in liquid form, which I would never advise doing, but as they are sure it’s more about hygiene and sticking needles in than a health issue for me.

One thing I love about these guys is that they also sell PCT (post cycle therapy) supplements as well. They sell Nolvadex and Clomid amongst others. So rather than having to hunt around to find pure versions of those as well, you can order them at the same time as the SARMs. This is brilliant as it’s a one-stop shop for getting everything you need at a great price, with guaranteed purity on all of it.

Let’s give you that snapshot of why Swiss Chems are worth an order from:

  • 100% pure lab guaranteed SARMs
  • All the main types of SARMs available in convenient capsules
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • 20% discount if you use Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency to pay
  • They also sell PCT supplements

In terms of pricing, capsules are more expensive than powder so you will pay a premium for the convenience.

Ostarine is the classic SARM, so let’s use that to give you an idea of the price of the SARMs for sale at Swiss Chems. 38 tablets, each of 10 mg (for a total dose of 380 mg) retails at $75, or for just $60 if you use a cryptocurrency payment method.

Swisschems best sarms source

  1. Science.Bio

Let’s start these detailed reviews of where to buy SARMs by talking to about one of the best USA-based retailers, Science.Bio.  I’ve ordered from these guys several times, and each time the purity has been fantastic, and my experience has been first class. I simply cannot fault them, it’s definitely one of the best sources of SARMs you will find in the USA.

Let’s give you the highlights of how good this company is:

  • All of the major SARMs are available and many you won’t have heard of (PQQ is a rare example)
  • Purity reports are right there on the product page with a prominent button
  • Prices are really good and you don’t get ripped off for buying capsules
  • They sell capsules and loose powder at reasonable prices
  • Full money back guarantee
  • A great bonus of free shipping on any value for USA orders and on international over $300

Pricing isn’t the cheapest, but it is amongst the most competitive I’ve ever seen when you are getting guaranteed 100% pure SARMs. They are imported, not made in the USA though.

Let’s give you an example of the pricing, by looking at Cardarine. As a powder, you’ll get 1 g (1000 mg) for $34.99. In liquid form (a sublingual dropper bottle) 600 mg will cost you $39.99 (that’s a density of 20 mg/mL).

So this is reasonably priced, and the liquid isn’t crazily priced compared to powder (but then who wants to mess around with loose powder unless you’re going to go through the hassle of putting it in capsules for yourself?).

If you want to save any more money, then the ultimate is their “complete metabola’s bundle” option. That gets you one liquid dropper bottle of every single SARM they sell at 25% off, for a total price of $461. If you’ve ordered from them once, then it’s an incredible deal.

Science.bio sarm


I want to finish here by telling you about three places I do not recommend you buy SARMs from.

  1. Umbrella Labs are places I used to buy my SARMs from. However, last year purity went downhill dramatically. For me, they were starting to water down the SARMs they had because they were suffering from supply shortages. I checked them out online as well and found that other people were also saying they were not getting the benefits they used to from the SARMs they bought. Also, some people were doubting the validity of the current purity reports. Overall, although I used to recommend Umbrella labs (and in some of my older articles you may find references to them), my position now is that they should be avoided.
  1. Chemyo was the company I was very excited about. They sold larger 50 mL dropper bottles (most SARMs companies sell 30 mL dropper bottles) at a comparable price to the smaller bottles. Purity was high and guaranteed by purity reports. Pricing was good, and worldwide shipping at a reasonable rate was available as well. But after a couple of orders, I noticed fewer effects. I researched online and found others on places like Reddit and forums also saying the same. Overall, that suspicion is the same as the other companies I’m writing about here. As the SARMs supplies are drying up (China banned SARMs a year ago), they are having to make smaller supplies from elsewhere go further, which for me means a drop in purity.
  1. PureRawz is another company I looked into buying SARMs from, but I never went through with an order. For a start, prices are high. On average, $10 more than buying from Science, Swiss Chems, or Rats Army. In addition to the higher price, the dose per milliliter is also lower. For example, on RAD-140 it’s dosed at 17 mg/mL, compared to 20 mg/mL from the other companies I recommend. So they are definitely lowering the dose you are getting overall and rising the price above comparable competitors’ prices. For that reason alone, I didn’t place an order, and I can’t recommend you buy from these guys either.

where not to buy SARMs

Sellers That Have Gone Bust

Due to the Chinese SARMs banner at the start of 2021, it’s gotten tougher to source good quality raw SARMs. A lot of companies have fallen by the wayside because easy and cheap acquisition has disappeared. Only high-quality, well-funded, and experienced sellers are thriving right now. They are evidently getting supplies from somewhere, and still providing quality and value.

Proven peptides were a huge player, but they shut their online store up in the middle of 2021 without any warning. As they claim to get the SARMs from within the USA, I can only guess that was either not true, or pressure was put on the company making them stop.

SARMs 4 You were another company who I bought SARMs from. They will also be great for European customers because they also ship from Europe. But again, they have now vanished.

Secret SARMs is the third company that had a great reputation and I used to buy SARMs from occasionally. However, again, those guys have also gone out of business.

Overall, there’s been a huge change in the SARMs market. Three reputable companies I bought from for a couple of years all vanished within about three months. It’s no coincidence that this was around the time that the SARMs band began to bite. China was stopping exporting, and it was difficult to get the supplies. Some other companies lost their reputation because they started to lower the doses or lie about the doses in order to keep their profit margins.

I did extensive research and ruled out so many companies because of these dubious rumors. That left me with the three that I’m recommending to you above in this article.

Overall, the SARMs marketplace is dramatically changing. But it’s good. Quality now matters, and you have to build a reputation and be confident in your supply lines and your ability to sell at a good price.

That means having the ability to buy in bulk and having good comms and relationships with the people making the SARMs and selling them on wholesale to the retailers in the USA.