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We invite healthcare professionals to announce and share how you or your organization are taking part in Patient Safety Awareness Week. In the below box you can share your plans and even photos of how you and your team are taking part. Share a message of what you are doing with your peers and your patients. Just fill out a title to your post, identify your organization, location, and a brief a message or description. You will also see a photo image upload button that you can use. Please abide to all campaign website rules.

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Differential diagnoses of symptoms using machine learning

Diagnosio democratizes healthcare for everyone, everywhere at anytime by using artificial intelligence for differential diagnoses. Signup here:

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Differential diagnoses of symptoms using machine learning

Diagnosio democratizes healthcare for everyone, everywhere at anytime by using artificial intelligence for differential diagnoses. Signup here:

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The beginning of the end to hand-hygiene non-compliance?

Since 1980, awareness training has been used as main strategy to improve hand hygiene compliance, without good results (1.7 Million infections, 99000 deaths, and an additional spending of 6.5B$ every year in the U.S. alone). Decades-long historic compliance levels of less than 50% world-wide is the proof that things won´t get any better with this strategy. In other production systems, the compliance of any critical protocol, for example, the use of flight take-off checklist, is never left so optional and voluntary as it is done with hand hygiene. Whenever there is a serious consequence for protocol non-compliance, a control mechanism is needed to detect and warn non-complying individuals to slowly create the habit of compliance. In the absence of a control system, employees cannot be blamed. Govisystem´s™ patented intelligent dispenser reads the fingerprint of the very hand placed in it to obtain sanitizer gel and transmits the hygiene moments of each employee from different geolocated dispensers ( To know how it works, watch the 12-second video at With this system, non-compliance is expected to decrease drastically. This is my non-profit initiative.

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HRSA Celebrates Patient Safety

On March 13, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) hosted its third annual celebration of National Patient Safety Week, focusing on programs and resources that improve health care quality and ensure patient safety. An expo was held at the HRSA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, followed by a panel discussion featuring HHS partners including the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Indian Health Service (IHS).

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Providing Trusted Care

The 20th Medical Group celebrated at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina. Read more.

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Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville (Tennessee) Regional Medical Center took part in Patient Safety Awareness Week with games, discussions, and contests. Read more.

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Einstein HealthCare Network, Philadelphia, PA

Patient Safety Awareness Week is designed to mark a dedicated time and a platform to increase awareness about patient safety among health professionals and the public. Our goal of the week is to bring together and engage health care professionals and patients to help spread this important message. For #PSAW2018, Patient Safety Week was celebrated across all three campuses (Philadelphia, Elkins Park, Montgomery) with well attended clinicians, leadership, board members and community members who sit on our Patient Safety Committee. Patient Safety Fairs - interactive fairs featured raffles, prizes and games to accompany the poster displays that showcased Einstein employees are working on to promote patient safety and quality improvement, aligning to this year's theme from NPSF of patient engagement and safety culture. What's new this year was the Patient Safety Grand Round. Our Philadelphia campus hosted the Patient Safety Grand Round and broadcast the grand round to the other two campuses at the same time. Ruth Lefton, COO; Dr Hank Simmss, CQO, Gina Marone, CNE and Siew Lee Grand-Clement, AVP, Patient Safety & Performance Improvement kicked off the grand round with the Einstein tradition of connecting to the Why story, which is Patient is Why we are here everyday and #WeAreAllPatients recognition. Patient Safety Grand Round this year was a series of three expert speakers:

  • Why patient engagement is critical to ensure safety of care – Gina Marone, VP of Healthcare Services and Chief Nurse Executive, Einstein Healthcare Network
  • Best practice and learnings across PA to impact culture of safety – Catherine Reynolds, Regional Patient Safety Liaison, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
  • Journey to sustain a safety culture and become a highly reliable organization – Coleen Smith, Director of High Reliability Initiatives, Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare
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Thumbay hospital, the first JCI hospital in AJman which is marching towards excellence has always been a pioneer in health care. With supportive and visionary leadership Thumbay joined this international campaign "United for Patient Safety" that was initiated by IHI and NPSF to pledge and show commitment as healthcare organization and healthcare professionals to "patient safety". A multidisciplinary comprehensive effort was made to make this week a success. Innovation and creativity brought to this event shows the huge devotion and engagement our staff have, this year our Tag Line is "We Care, We Cure, We Champion" PLAN BRIEFING: DAY 1: -Inauguration of “Safety Booths” by Patients: 9:00 AM 3 patients will initiate Ribbon cutting, Pledge by patients, Safety Tips -Formal Inauguration session : 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Talk by Medical Director & COO on “Patient Safety” PPT presentation by Nursing Pledge by staff (led by Nursing) Hand hygiene Hit Dance by hospital staff Sandwich Board Display: Twice a day across the hospital Day 2,3: Slogan writing competition Short “on-site” quizzes DAY 4: Setting up of Error Room Short “on-site” quizzes DAY 5,6: Poster Competition Short “on-site” quizzes DAY 7: Concluding session Leadership closure talk at 4:00 PM Prizes and winners of Poster competition, Slogan Writing Competition Follow us on Facebook "Thumbay Hospital, Ajman" to see more on the event :)

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El Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe

En el Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe ( Medellín, Colombia) trabajamos por hacer más segura la atención de nuestros pacientes, porque cada día es el día de la seguridad del paciente #PSAW18 #UnitedForPatientSafety #patientsafetyawarenessweek #patientsafety

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New York University Student Health Centers

NYU SHC is taking part in Patient Safety Awareness Week for the first time by engaging in several activities which include:

"Safety Day" which is an organization wide mandatory training for all staff to participate in a collection of booths which emphasize topics such as the importance of reporting incidents, ways to prevent infection from spreading, proper disposal of biohazard materials, good ergonomics in the workplace, fire safety in our facilities, emergency preparedness,  how to recognize and combat cyber security, case review of de-escalation techniques with patients and more.

Interdisciplinary Case Study Review -- Breakfast meeting between behavioral health and primary care providers to discuss how to co-manage patients who arrive in distress.

Basic Life Support (BLS) training with Certification is offered to all staff who interact with students

Medical Mock Codes are being conducted at all campuses

Fire Safety Drills scenario based drills are being completed throughout the facilities. 

Safety Topic Related Blogposts on our Intranet Blogposts written by Senior Leadership and highlight: Proper Disposal of Medication, Importance of Good Documentation, Proper Hand Hygiene, Importance of Domestic Violence Screening on Campus, and Keeping Facilities Safe 

"What does Patient Safety Mean to me?" -- A poster placed in the staff lounge for staff to engage and write the answer to this question and more 


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Putnam County Hospital Offers Tips for Patients

In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week, Putnam County Hospital in Indiana offers a number of tips to help patients stay safe and take an active role in their care. Patient Safety Awareness Week, which is observed annually to raise awareness of important patient safety issues. Read more. 

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Hospital Quality Institute Participates in Patient Safety Awareness Week

Healthcare quality professionals at Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), based in Sacramento, CA, proudly join the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the National Patient Safety Foundation, and those around the country in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 12-16. The week brings greater recognition for the healthcare quality profession and the contributions and impact these professionals make in their organization for patient safety and patient experience. In celebration of the week, HQI has planned five special webinars on the following topics:


March 12 – The HCRO Journey to High Reliability
Gudrun Moll RN, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC, CPPS VP Clinical Services/Chief Nursing Officer San Antonio Regional Hospital, Upland, CA
Lisa Ramthun, RN, MSN, CPRHM, FASHRM Senior Partner SG Collaborative Solutions

March 13 - Reliable Safety Event Response
Rory Jaffe, MD MBA Executive Director CHPSO Patient Safety Organization, a Division of the Hospital Quality Institute

March 14 - The Promise of OpenNotes
Jan Walker, RN, MBA Co-Founder, OpenNotes Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Research faculty, Division of General Medicine and Primary Care, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Sigall Bell, MD Director of Patient Safety and Discovery, OpenNotes Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Director of Patient Safety and Quality Initiatives, Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice (IPEP), Boston Children’s Hospital
Liz Salmi Senior Multimedia Communications Manager, OpenNotes

March 15 - Keys to Unlocking Safety Culture for Medication Use
Katyoon Kathy Ghomeshi, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, CPPS Medication Safety Specialist, University of California, San Francisco Medical Center Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF School of Pharmacy

March 16 – Designing a Medical Center Transgender Care Program: Patient Centered Strategies to Optimize Patient Satisfaction, Safety, and Cultural Competence of the Care Environment
Maurice Garcia, MD, MAS Director, Transgender Surgery and Health Program Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Details are available here:

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The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's "I Am Patient Safety" Contest Winners

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority is proud to recognize 10 individual winners and/or winning teams of the 2018 "I Am Patient Safety" contest. These winners, all from Pennsylvania healthcare facilities, have demonstrated a personal and notable commitment to patient safety, and shared amazing patient safety stories. Each winner is celebrated individually, and then collectively during Patient Safety Awareness Week 2018 (March 11 – March 17). You can read all of this year's winning "I Am Patient Safety" stories at:

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Walter Reed Bethesda

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is again participating in Patient Safety Awareness Week, with a schedule full of activity. Read more.

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Great Lakes Partners for Patients: Patient Safety Week Celebration

The Great Lakes Partners for Patients (GLPP) HIIN is recognizing the great work by hospitals in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois in celebration of Patient Safety Awareness week. The GLPP has created a mailer that is going out with infographic table tents that hospitals can display in their employee and public spaces such as cafeterias, reception & waiting areas, etc. The table tents will highlight reductions in patient harm occurring across the 3 states in CAUTI, CLABSI, Hysterectomy surgical site infections, Ventilator-associated pneumonia, Post-op blood clots and the inclusion of patient and family bedside shift huddles at over 50% of hospitals. The letter further iterates the celebration is in honor of their participation in the GLPP HIIN and that the hospital associations are proud of the successes in furthering the cause for patient safety and overall reduction in harm.

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eClinicalWorks' Campaign for Patient Safety

For Patient Safety Awareness Week, eClinicalWorks took every day to celebrate Patient Safety. We filmed a podcast with our CMO and co-founder, Dr. Raj Dharampuriya to help educate viewers on the importance of patient safety. We also had a patient safety superhero-themed photo booth and patient safety game shows and quizzes. Along with that, we recognized our collaboration with the National Patient Safety Foundation and ECRI Institute and the concept that we are all patients.

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Chesapeake Regional Healthcare participated by:

The Patient Safety/Quality Dept. facilitated (in accordance with the National Patient Safety Foundation) the event by collecting signatures from staff, physicians, administration, volunteers and students who took the pledge. Pledgees were given an "I Took the Pledge" sticker and entered in a grand prize drawing.

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AHRQ Participates in Patient Safety Awareness Week Event

Marjorie Shofer, General Patient Safety Program Director for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), shared information about the agency’s patient safety initiatives during the HHS’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Patient Safety Awareness Week event. Participants stopped by the AHRQ exhibit to learn more about the various resources for providers and health care facilities.

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Every day is patient Safety Day (Medication Safety)

We care in Dallah hospital by the medication safety for all patients through hiring best qualified pharmaceutical members who are well trained and having good experiences to deliver high quality services that meet the needs of all outpatients and inpatients customers and compliance with the latest universal standards requirements of both national and international accredited bodies as JCI ,CBAHI, ISMP...... Our vision in Dallah Hospital focus on how we become the leader facility in healthcare field in KSA, So we must be committed for advocating patient safety and deliver high quality services that meet the needs and the expectation of our valuable clients. For this we implement the Brown Bag Medication Review process to all our Poly-Pharmacy Patients that help us in maximizing the safety of medication treatment and give opportunity to our patients to ask questions related to their medication and assist the patients to take their medication correctly through reducing Drug-Drug interactions and other Medications discrepancies For All Our Chronic Patients, we give them that message, (Bring your all medications in your next visits to any healthcare providers, and don’t forget this)

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The PSAW organization Committee

The Leadership of Dallah Hospital takes the pledge to support the patient safety through providing all resources and supports for all of these activities that conducted in PSAW hosted by Dallah Hospital *ASK ME 3 program implementation, *Brown bag Medication review Technique , *IPSGs workshop in partnership with our Valuable clients,* Sessions of seminars related to the most advanced strategies applied worldwide to improve Patient safety and comprehensive topics related to raising the awareness to Patient Safety . And we not forget the involvement of our valuable patients in these valuable activities

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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement salutes Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals for their generous support of this year's Patient Safety Awareness Week.