Clear Choice Sub Solution Review: Reasons Why You Must Use It

In this detailed Sub Solution review, you are going to learn everything you need to know about this top brand of fake urine.

I’ll walk you through how to use it, tell you exactly what’s in it, and how likely you are to pass a drug test with Sub Solution. To trust yourself, you need to understand why it’s potentially the best product.

Clear Choice urine products have a strong reputation, but is it still the best option? Sub Solution is completely different from most other fake urine out there, but why is that, and are there any other fake urine products you should be considering?

More than answering all that, I’ll explain why some fake urine brands are failing drug tests, and tell you what you can use alongside Sub Solution to practice before your test, so you can get things perfect on the day.

What’s In Clear Choice Sub Solution?

In terms of the complexity of the formula, Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine on the market. It contains uric acid, urea, creatinine, and 11 other chemicals that are found in human urine. In fact, pretty much everything is found in human urine.

It’s also balanced for pH and specific gravity. On top of all that, it also, smells, froths, and looks exactly like human urine.

It’s made by Clear Choice, who also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the top detox drinks. They are definitely a reputable company, and Sub Solution continues that tradition. SubSolution is updated every year as well. So this Clear Choice urine product is always as up-to-date as it can be, and is reacting to changes in drug detection evidence.

Clear Choice urine

Sub Solution Review: Using Clear Choice Urine

Clear Choice Sub Solution is really easy to use as well. The only downside is that it’s a powder rather than premixed urine.

You have to mix it with water before you use it. That can make it slightly problematic for submitting a sample at short notice. So it’s not ideal for on-the-spot drug testing where you only get a few minutes’ notices.

Generally, though, instructions for Clear Choice Sub Solution are very straightforward:

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  1. Mix the powdered urine with water and gently agitate it until it is completely clear and looks like human urine.
  2. To give it a head start you could microwave it to get it to within the correct temperature range. However, there is no heat pad included because you get heat activator powder, so you don’t need anything other than the heating powder to get it to work.
  3. Human urine exits the body at between 96°F 100°F. Legally to allow for cooling, any sample between 90°F 100°F has to be accepted. Sub Solution’s heat activator powder allows you to get the temperature within that range really easily. You can do it just before you go in, which gives you about 20 minutes, and you can even check it before you submit it and use heat activator powder if necessary.


Let me explain a bit more about that in detail. Most drug tests are unobserved. That means you will be sent behind a screen, and often in a completely different room. So there’s nothing to stop you from getting the sample out, checking the temperature, tapping in a bit more heat activator powder, agitating]ing it until it’s disappeared and warmed the liquid, and then submitting a sample.

Does Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Still Work In 2022?

Hopefully, you can see that Sub Solution is really easy to use. The crucial point of any Sub Solution review has to be to answer the question around if it works or not though.

For me, Sub Solution definitely works. I had a drug test in January and I used Sub Solution. So for me, it definitely worked a treat.

I mixed it up in advance and transported it in my pocket. Just before I went in I simply checked the temperature, added some heat activator powder and shook it up. I then added a little more as it didn’t register in a couple of minutes, and it then did register on the temperature strip really close to 100°F. So I then tucked the sample inside my underwear against my skin to keep it warm and went inside to submit my sample.

I was actually sent into a cubicle. All I did was check the temperature, and it was still fine. I could have added more heat activator powder, but I didn’t need to. I poured the liquid into the sample container, walked out, and handed it to the assistant. She didn’t look at it twice, and the next thing I heard, I passed.

The thing is that Clear Choice updates the Sub Solution formula every single year. So you’re always getting a complex, updated formula that is reacting to the whack-a-mole attempts of the drug testing labs to spot fake samples through what is in them.

The only problem, big problem with fake urine is the temperature. Most fake samples are detected because they are submitted outside that magical 10° temperature range I mentioned earlier.

But the Sub Solution heat activator powder gets around all this far more effectively and elegantly than a heating pad because you can react to temperature changes instantly. If you’ve got a heating pad that’s failing, there is literally nothing you can do about it, but if the Sub Solution sample temperature is cooling, you can just tap in more heat activator powder.

Sub Solution review

The Biocide Nightmare Explained

But here’s the thing, the key part of this review of Sub Solution that will tell you exactly why it’s the best choice to make.

Clear Choice urine has confirmed that it doesn’t contain biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative that is found in many brands of synthetic urine.

It was rumored in 2018 that the big labs, Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics, along with a few others, had realized that many of the fake urine samples out there contain an artificial preservative based on biocide.

So they started testing for it. That means they don’t have to do anything more complex than test for its presence to rule out fake samples. That’s why from the middle of 2018 onwards I started to see a spike of reports online saying that many brands were starting to fail.

Sub Solution was not one of those brands, because it doesn’t contain biocide. That, alongside its complexity, and the heat activator powder, make it the most certain way to pass a drug test.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

Now on the downside, Sub Solution is not cheap. It cost about $85, which is not affordable for some people. However, Quick Fix is a much cheaper brand, costing half the price. It’s more basic, but it does contain creatinine, urea, uric acid, it’s balanced, it sort of looks like real urine, and it doesn’t contain biocide.

So it will probably pass a basic drug test, a basic cheap pre-employment one. But for something more complex, or for more reassurance, Sub Solution beats it hands down.

On top of that, Quick Fix uses a heating pad, which can fail. You just don’t have this problem with Sub Solution.

heat activator and powdered urine

Sub Solution + The Practise Kit

The ultimate combo is Sub Solution and “the practice kit”. The thing is, I said about the temperature problem, if you are panicking on the day and have not done a practice run, then you could get something wrong and fail.

The practice kit isn’t particularly cheap, but if you buy it with Sub Solution you get a combination deal which means it only costs $30.

It contains everything apart from fake urine. So you can use water with the heat activator powder. You can test how the heat activator powder works, how it raises the temperature, and how long it keeps it there.

In fact, you also get a pair of high-quality heat pads as well, so you could practice using a heating pad in advance in case you want to travel with the sample at roughly the right temperature.

For just $30, the practice kit greatly enhances Sub Solution and means you stand virtually no chance of failing on the day.

UPDATE: This option is not available anymore, but you can buy the Practice Kit With two heating solutions without Sub Solution for $65

Clear Choice Practice kit

Swap Sub Solution For Quick Luck?

So the conclusion of my Sub Solution review is that this stuff is fantastic. Up until recently, it’s been the best on the market. I’ve successfully used it to pass a recent drug test, and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s a little expensive, but you get what you pay for.

However, I want to conclude this review of Sub Solution by telling you about another Clear Choice urine product called Quick Luck.

It’s actually probably best described as the big brother of Sub Solution. That’s because it’s a slightly more complex formula, which means it’s even more likely to pass a drug test, especially an expensive and advanced one.

It’s also premixed. So you don’t get a powder that has to be mixed as you do with Sub Solution, making it perfect for on-the-spot drug testing. But it is $20 more.

If you just want incredible quality fake urine, that doesn’t contain biocide, is complex enough to pass any type of drug test, and that uses the brilliant heat activator powder, then buying Sub Solution from Clear Choice is definitely the way to go.