RAD 140 Review: Dosing, Cycling, Stacking, Plus Buying Guide

If you’re looking for artificial testosterone that you can take orally and give yourself all the benefits of boosting it, but without the side effects, then RAD-140 is definitely a supplement to look at using. In this RAD 140 review, you’re going to learn everything you need to know.

It’s vital you learn how to dose RAD 140 accurately so that you don’t suffer from side effects. You need to know about cycling it, and how to have a proper break while using a PCT supplement. And guys, you’re going to want to know about the realistic results you can expect to achieve both when using RAD-140 on its own, and when stacked.

That’s not all I’m going to share with you though in this review of RAD 140. I also want to talk about the biggest problem I’ve found, which was finding real RAD 140 for sale at all. I’ll tell you where I get it from, and why I choose these places to buy it from.

RAD 140 History & Structure

RAD 140 is also known by the name Testolone, which is a nod to the fact that it’s an artificial testosterone supplement.

It works in the body by binding to androgenic receptors in targeted areas, namely muscle, and bone. Bind it, it acts like testosterone by mimicking it, telling the muscle to repair and grow, and bone to get denser.

So it’s a fake testosterone agonist that targets certain areas of the body, hence why SARM is short for a “selective androgen receptor modulator”. It targets androgen receptors in muscle tissue and modulates messages to them.

The thing is though RAD 140 has never been developed for use on humans properly. It’s one of many research chemicals constructed over the past 30 years to try and deal with the problems of muscle wastage and fat development, alongside things like cancer as well.

RAD 140 never got past animal trials. So what you are buying is the research chemical formula that’s been recreated for sale as a bodybuilding supplement, although they can’t tell you it’s a bodybuilding supplement, because it’s illegal to state it’s for human use.

Testolone rad 140

Benefits Of Testolone RAD 140

So this is artificial testosterone basically, and it has pretty much all the benefits of raising your testosterone levels, without actually doing that:

  • Testosterone is key to muscle growth, which is why this artificial alternative sends the same messages but more strongly and on top the testosterone, giving you faster, leaner, muscle growth and better recovery
  • It’s suitable for females as well as males because of how it interacts in the female body, which is why it was partly developed as a potential supplement to help minimize estrogen causing more aggressive breast cancer
  • RAD-140 is a highly targeted supplement, it literally only targets messaging in muscle tissue primarily, and it doesn’t affect the prostate (in fact it’s also been researched because it has the potential to actually shrink the prostate)

Put together, and you’ve got something that gives you all the potent benefits of testosterone but only in positive ways. Because it does not actually increase testosterone levels, it’s just provoking an androgenic response in the body, you get the benefits, with fewer side effects than if you are raising your testosterone levels using a supplement designed to do that (mostly based around D-Aspartic acid).

Testolone RAD 140 Results: What’s Realistic?

So this stuff sounds awesome, and it actually is. But we have to be realistic here. Forget all those RAD-140 before and after photos, most of them are fake or do not even have anything to do with SARMs.

You have to look at what people say overall about the effects that this supplement has. After a single cycle of 10 weeks, using just RAD-140 alongside hard work in the gym here’s what you can realistically expect to achieve:

  • Faster development of fresh muscle
  • Harder and leaner muscle gains
  • You won’t gain fat and in fact, can lose it
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Dramatically increased energy levels
  • Stronger, more endurance, better workout sessions
  • Increasing confidence and mental clarity
  • Significantly faster recovery times

RAD 140 Results

My RAD 140 Experience

My RAD-140 experience is pretty typical of the results I’ve just told you to expect from one cycle.

Look, this isn’t going to really get you ripped in just 10 weeks. But it will definitely pile on bulk and strengthen you up in a way that you just can’t naturally.

It’s the long run that you have to think about when using SARMs. For me, I wandered around the edges for a few months, doing a couple of months of Ostarine to strip fat and see how I felt, then RAD-140 to work on muscle growth.

After that, I was confident enough to bite the bullet and go straight for a pretty strong SARMs stack. This is a far more potent way of using SARMs, because you can hit more angles at once and bulk up more, cut more fat, and increase your strength and endurance far more quickly.

Even on its own, you are going to notice some significant differences, but they won’t be so pronounced as when stacking it. But however you use it, always make sure you’re pushing yourself in the gym, eat well, sleep well, and really work on that cardio because it will build up your endurance.

RAD 140 Dosage & Cycle

RAD-140 dosage should be kept low initially. The safe dosage range is around 10 mg up to 30 mg. To start I would use a 10 mg for your first cycle, whether you use on its own or stack it. Above 30 mg the benefits start to tail off, so a progressively higher dose did not bring progressively higher results.

So the conclusion guys is to start on 10 mg, and if that feels fine, you could kick it up to 15 mg midcycle, but don’t ever go more than 30 mg on RAD-140, and keep it less than that if you are stacking it.

RAD-140 half-life is reputed to be quite short, possibly as short as 12 hours. So you could dose it once per day, but some people split the dose and dose it once in the morning, then once a late afternoon.

RAD-140 Dosage

How To Stack RAD 140

So let’s quickly talk about how to stack RAD-140 Testolone. As it’s great for bulking then you’re looking at using it as part of the bulking stack. Sure you could recomp, but it’s so powerful at building muscle quickly, I’m not sure it’s the best way of using it.

For me, this is the ideal bulking stack using RAD-140, one I’ve used for a couple of cycles last year which really moved me along my journey:

  • RAD-140 dosed at 10 mg per day (either once or twice daily)
  • Andarine S4 was dosed at 10 mg for four weeks, then 15 mg for four weeks
  • MK-677 dosed at 10 mg per day for four weeks, then 15 mg for four weeks
  • It’s an eight-week SARM a cycle
  • Make sure the gap is at least six weeks (I’d advocate eight weeks the first time)
  • PCT supplement will be needed as this is suppressive
RAD 140 stack

RAD-140 Vs LGD-4033

RAD-140 Vs LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is an interesting SARM that people often search for comparison online.

It’s interesting because the two are not really comparable. RAD-140 is all about bulking and mimicking testosterone, whereas LGD-4033 was developed to protect lean muscle mass with muscle wasting or other degenerative conditions, so it’s more used by bodybuilders protecting muscle while stripping fat.

So in fact, it’s not a battle between them at all. You could use them together as a great little recomping stack.

rad 140 vs ligandrol

RAD-140 Side Effects

 RAD-140’s side effects are mostly around the fact that it is suppressive. You will need a post-cycle therapy supplement to recover your testosterone levels using RAD-140. With extreme use over a long time, it can also potentially lose hair, and mimic some of the other effects of high testosterone, because alongside natural testosterone it can create a similar situation.

But as long as you regulate the dose, have a big gap, and use post-cycle therapy supplements then you should be pretty much free of any aggressive and negative androgenic effects.

RAD-140 Reviews Online: Fake?

I’ve only talked a bit about my own RAD-140 experience. But before I conclude my personal RAD-140 review by talking about where you can find Testolone for sale, I want to just quickly cover the truth about those SARMs reviews you’ll find online.

I’m talking about those user reviews with before and after photos showing you incredible RAD-140 results.

Please don’t believe the hype. SARMs only work if you work hard. That means pushing yourself in the gym frequently, doing cardio, and eating brilliantly for the whole cycle without giving up.

Even if those before and after photos are genuine, they could be stacked, they could be using steroids as well, or they could just be complete fakes. The only way to find out the truth is to create your own before and after, by doing a cycle of RAD-140 to see how it works for you.

Do Not But From These SARMs Sellers

Before I tell you the three best places to buy SARMs online I have found in use, I want to talk to you about three places I no longer recommend.

  • Chemyo used to be cool. Really large doses and large bottles for the money. However, I think the SARMs ban in China has bitten these guys and I don’t think they can get the supplies. I didn’t get good results from my last cycle of SARMs from these guys, and I’ve read reports saying the same online. Feels a bit like they aren’t as potent as they say.
  • Pure Rawz was the company I used to love. I always ordered my SARMs from them alongside a couple of others. However, as has happened with several previously reputable sellers, quality has taken a dive. Even though the purity reports still state it’s highly pure, I just didn’t get the same results and neither did others.

Where To Buy RAD 140 Online

So the conclusion of my RAD-140 review is that this supplement is awesome as long as you take the advice I’ve given you here.

But that’s only half the battle when it comes to getting the body you want to be aided by SARMs. The other half is actually managing to buy pure SARMs in the first place. In one study more than 50% of the SARMs tested didn’t even contain SARMs at all, more of them contained anabolic steroids than SARMs. To stay safe and get the rewards, you have to avoid scam products like that.

The three online stores I’m going to recommend to you below are the ones I use myself. And I use them because they all offer guarantees of purity through publishing independent lab test reports completed by third-party professional labs.

Only buy RAD-140 and other SARMs from retailers who offer the following:

  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Have a strong reputation on bodybuilding forums and Reddit
  • They publish purity reports for every product and they are current

They buy the SARMs direct and not through third-party wholesalers. Here are the sites that I use:

  1. Rats Army

Rats Army are another great source of SARMs. It’s getting harder to buy SARMs because of the Chinese SARMs ban that kicked in over a year ago now. But Rats Army is still sourcing good-quality SARMs. Not only that, dosing and purity guarantees are in place as well. In use, over two cycles, I found Rats Army SARMs delivered great results with no concerns.

They sell nine different types of SARMs. All with high purity and the purity reports are published on every product page. Speaking specifically about RAD-140, a 30 mL bottle, dosed at 20 mg/mL, is currently costing $57.

SARMs prices have gone up by about 1/3 in the past year because of the Chinese SARMs ban. Any SARMs around 50 – $60 mark with high purity and strong doses are of great value right now. Rats army also sells a range of peptides, nootropics, and even 4 of the new (but not very strong) prohormones.

RAD 140 for sale

  1. Swiss Chems

Another place I buy pure SARMs from is Swiss Chems. These are other companies based in the USA, although like the others on my list here they also ship globally.

In terms of buying RAD-140, you can only buy it in capsule form. These are the best in terms of convenience, but they are the most expensive way of buying SARMs as well. 60 capsules, each dosing 10 mg, costs $140.

But Swiss Chems are also more of a one-stop shop and the others. They sell other supporting supplements, and importantly they sell Nolvadex and Clomid. That’s a gap in the market I’m surprised more SARMs sellers don’t fill. So you can buy the SARMs from Swiss Chems, and the PCT supplement you need as well.

where to buy testolone rad 140

  1. Science.bio

Especially if you live in the USA then these guys should be top of your list. The prices are great, the range comprehensive, they offer a full moneyback guarantee, and you’ll get those guarantees on purity published right there on the product pages.

Let’s talk quickly about pricing for buying RAD-140. All SARMs powder is the cheapest option, and from Science.bio you’ll get 1 g (1000 mg) for just $59.99. The powder is not great to deal with though. So liquid is the better option. 300 mg at a density of 10 mg/mL retails at $49.99, so more expensive, but more convenient.

buy testolone rad 140