Can Ultra Eliminex Reviews Be Trusted? Get The Truth On How Powerful It Is

Ultra Eliminex is a detox drink that is getting a lot of great reviews at the minute. But are those Ultra Eliminex reviews trustworthy, or just jumping on a bandwagon? There are tons of detox drinks out there, so what on earth makes Ultra Eliminex so good compared to all the others?

The sad truth is that most of the people reviewing Ultra Eliminex have never even tried it. But for the purposes of this review, I bought a bottle of it alongside two home drug test kits, so that I could do a full test to make sure the buzz online is accurate.

So let’s tell you what the exact Ultra Eliminex instructions are, how it works, and what the results of my home drug test using it were.

All that plus I’ll also talk you through the alternatives to Ultra Eliminex, and give you a couple of top tips on how to make any type of detox drink more likely to help you pass a drug test.

What Ultra Eliminex Is

 Ultra Eliminex is the latest detox drink from a company called Herbal Clean. Although they are well known, they don’t have a great track record.

Herbal Clean makes a few other detox drinks, including the widely available Qcarbo32. However that’s not very potent, has a high failure rate, and is only well-known because it’s sold at places like Walmart, Walgreens, and GNC.

They also make detox pills, but most of those are really dodgy and are of poor quality. They are cheap, and nothing more than general detoxification pills that can slightly aid a natural detox.

But Ultra Eliminex breaks out of that horribly negative brand image. The ingredients are completely different from any other detox drink I’ve seen, in higher concentrations, and it seems to truly fit the bill as a modern detox drink that is capable of eradicating toxins so you can pass a drug test.

Ultra Eliminex review

Ultra Eliminex Review

Does Ultra Eliminex work? Well, to work to pass a drug test, you have to understand what a detox drink does, then you’ll see if Ultra Eliminex fits the bill.

A detox drink contains ingredients that help to flush drug toxins out. But not completely out of your body, just those currently heading out. So it flushes them out of your kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

It does this with a volume of liquid that helps to flush them out more easily, and because the liquid hits you in one g after you urinate, the urine that’s going into your bladder for a few hours will be clean of metabolites.

Because you flushed them out with a load of liquid, it will not be balanced though, it won’t test for the things found in human urine. So a great quality detox drink contains the things found in urine.

When you drink a detox drink like Ultra Eliminex, it floods the body with these things found in urine, so that some pass through your system as waste and into your bladder. Specific sorts of vitamins and minerals, and creatinine (the waste product of creatine which is used for muscle movement).

So put together, a high-quality detox drink will flush out the toxins, and replace the lost nutrients and chemicals in urine so that it will appear natural.

But as toxins are passed through the organs from the bloodstream and fat cells, so toxins will appear. So no detox drink on earth actually fully detoxify the body, it just masks the toxins for a few hours, and Ultra Eliminex detox certainly fits the bill as it contains all the ingredients you would need to achieve this.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

 So when I tested Ultra Eliminex, these are the full Ultra Eliminex instructions I followed:

  1. You’re meant to detox for 24 hours before the day of your test, to give more toxins a chance of pushing their way out of your body before you use detox drink. However, Ultra Eliminex doesn’t state you have to do this. All it says is that you should drink it on an empty stomach.
  2. So with an empty stomach, I drank the contents of the bottle over about 30 minutes. That may sound quite a long time, but it’s quite a big bottle, 32 fluid ounces of liquid.
  3. Pretty much as soon as I finished drinking it I needed to go to the toilet, so I urinated once. 30 minutes later, I made myself go to the toilet again.
  4. I waited another 30 minutes, so one hour after finishing the detox drink, and then I did a home drug test kit. That tested negative. So I would have passed a urine sample drug test.

does ultra eliminex work

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

Does Ultra Eliminex work? Well, originally when I wrote this review I stated confidently that it did. But I’ve updated this section to answer the question differently from 2022 onwards.

About eight months ago I noticed that there were more and more people online stating that they had failed a drug test using Ultra Eliminex.

This surprised me as my test with a home drug test kit and live drug testing (me and people I knew) had proven it worked.

I looked at a new bottle and compared it to an old bottle I still had in the cupboard from a couple of years back. The ingredient list is different. Not only is it different, but some of the proportions have changed.

My belief now (especially after failing a home drug test kit recently) is that Ultra Eliminex has been weakened in formula to increase the profit margin. It may still work for you, but it’s not as certain as it was.


Tips For Using Ultra Eliminex Detox

What I want to do here though is to share some stuff with you that most Ultra Eliminex reviews will not bother to tell you. These are the top tips for ensuring that you pass using it, not just following the Ultra Eliminex instructions on the bottle.

  1. Make sure you do a 24 hour detox before the day of your test if possible, preferably 48 hours. Don’t bother with this if you’ve only taken drugs a few times in the past week, if you’re a daily weed smoker, you’ll definitely need 48 hours to be 100% certain.
  2. Back up your 24-48 hour detox with some detox pills to push out more toxins. Toxin Rid is definitely the best one available, and you can buy a single day or 48 hour courses for a reasonable amount.
  3. Make sure you have a couple of home drug test kits handy at the same time. Use one hour after you finished drinking the drink and urinate a couple of times, and keep another one spare just in case that test is positive and you have to do a second.
  4. In the incredibly unlikely event that Ultra Eliminex detox fails, have a backup plan available. It could be the second bottle of Ultra Eliminex, or you could use high-quality synthetic urine as your sample instead. Sub Solution is a great choice as your backup plan, but obviously, you’ll have to learn how to use it so that you’re not panicking 30 minutes before you have to leave, but it’s definitely a great alternative to a detox drink for an unsupervised drug test.

Alternatives To Buying Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

The conclusion of this updated 2022 review is Ultra Eliminex is that it’s more variable in working now. The ingredients list is different to the original formula and I’m not convinced it’s as potent.

I therefore cannot recommend it as strongly as I did. It may still work for you, and it will certainly be better than a lot of the rubbish out there. But it’s not the best choice.

I’ve gone back to using Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse. They are the tried and trusted brands which have always worked and are constantly getting good reviews.

With Mega Clean, you’ll want to get it with the six pre-rid pills free. Taking those during a 24-hour detox before your test will really make it potent.

Rescue Cleanse is just a good quality product and the same people who make the best synthetic urine you can buy called Sub Solution. It’s a premium product at a good price.

detox drinks for drug test

Mega Clean is weaker than Ultra Eliminex, but if you spend $70 on it from Test Clear, then you’ll get six Toxin Rid pills bundled in as a 24-hour pre-rid course. Not as potent as the full Toxin Rid 24 hour course, but you’ll certainly push out far more toxins than you can naturally, making Mega Clean as powerful as Ultra Eliminex.

Rescue Cleanse is sold by Clear Choice and is slightly cheaper at $55. It’s a very good formula and for light toxin exposure potent enough to mask the toxins for several hours without any preparation at all. If you are a chronic smoker or user, then 24 hours at least detoxing before the day of your test is recommended, however. On its own knowledge, it’s a stronger choice than Mega Clean, but not quite as powerful as Ultra Eliminex.